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Hey guys, 


I'm getting married in a few weeks, and decided to treat myself to some decent Black Oxfords (having never bought "proper" shoes before). 

I've learnt more about shoes in the last week, than I ever thought possible!

I'm lucky enough to live in Northamptonshire (if you like shoes), so I've managed to visit Barkers, Trickers, Cheaneys and Church's (factories). 

I plan on visiting C&J and possibly Alfred Sargent over the next week. 

Now..... Out of the 4 I visited, only Church's had a pair that were comfortable enough - The now discontinued Balmoral (the predecessor to the Consul). The Consul was a bit more uncomfortable, but wearable. 

If (a big if), C&J have some that are as comfortable as the Balmoral - What would you go for and why (it's likely to be the Connaught or Hallam). 

Price wise, the Balmoral from Church's would cost £234 - Brand new. 

The C&J Connaught would be £130 (seconds) and the Hallam £180 (seconds). 

I I appreciate Church's get a bad rep these days because of the Prada take over, but the service and quality seemed very good when I was at the factory (and the last is the old 73 of the pre Prada days). 

What at are your thoughts?

Many thanks in advance.