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Mullen & Mullen bespoke - has anyone tried them?

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Hi guys,


I have noticed Mullen & Mullen a few times now and I can't seem to find much in the way of reviews on their work.


They apparently make bespoke suits from £699 in Yorkshire. Sounds a bit fishy no?



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Never heard of them but most of their website raises alarm bells.


It is pure speculation but my guess is they are likely to be MTM rather than Bespoke and are just miss labling it as a number of companies do hence the selling points is about customisation of fabrics/ pocket types etc rather than fit

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what i found odd is the suit starts at 699 pounds
suits ordered in nyc $1897
not even taking Brexit into consideration, that is a huge difference in price.
I guess they need to cover ravel expenses

they work off of a block pattern and then make corrections while chalking in the pattern
this is a classic way to do the cutting.
no issue calling this Bespoke. even though I hate the term.

the shirts can not be made in the UK at that price.

must be somewhere else but they do not say.

I know nothing about this company other then what is on the website.

they look like a real company and not some poseurs sending things off to asia
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There are a few differences in their proposition though if you look at the wording; the USA is implied as a fixed price whereas the UK price is a "starting from" price and so the real price of a half decent fabric etc could be notably more than the headline price.


They state that their tailoring is made in Yorkshire, it'd be debatable if that means the shirts are made there too or not and again the prices are "from". £90 is certainly cheap but if we assume its MTM, that most shirts are above that price etc then it could just about be made in the UK. Certainly there are other services that claim to be made in Yorkshire and are charging less - one company charges £78 inc P&P - though again wording is a little loose so possibility of other sites being involved.


Not going to get into a debate of MTM v Bespoke

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