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Originally Posted by earlburtnett View Post

I need a good pair of men briefs.what brand can you recommend?
Underwear is a pretty personal choice. What one guy likes, the next may hate.

Fortunately, a pair of briefs isn't all that expensive. Go buy a few pairs that seem likely to meet your needs, and chances are you'll wind up liking one pair most of all, and then you can simply buy more of that one.
im using fruit of the loom and it's not doing it
If you were to explain exactly which Fruit of the Looms briefs you're currently wearing, and precisely how they fall short of your expectations, it might be possible to make a helpful suggestion. Without knowing how your current briefs fail to prove satisfactory, it's difficult to suggest an alternative which would prove to be more to your liking.
Originally Posted by pravda 
Are you looking for fit or wow factor?
"Wow factor?"

About the only people likely to see me in my underwear are my doctor, some guys in the locker room, and a woman with whom I'd like to have a physical relationship.

I don't really care about wowing my doctor or the locker room crowd with my choice of briefs. As for the woman, if we're already in our underwear, it's likely that the thing about me which will either "wow" her or not, will not be the design of my briefs.
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Check out Flint & Tinder's underwear...

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