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Is this suitable for office wear?

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Hi there,

I recently visited SuitSupply to purchase a suit for my wedding. I found the Hartford style to fit near perfectly, and the lighter-than-navy blue provides sufficient contrast to the black grenadine tie I intend to wear. However, I'm a bit concerned that I will not be able to get any business-wear from this suit, as it's light shade and subtle check pattern will make it too casual for finance. Looking for second opinions on this point.
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"Finance" is a very broad church and does not help over much but there is nothing inherently wrong with it for business use.

What is of greater concern is who "E Thomas" the cloth supplier actually is and whether "Super 150" is robust enough. However if it one of half a dozen in use it should not come to much harm. Expensive for what it is and from it you have bought it.
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As GBR note, "finance" covers an awful lot of ground. And "office wear" is similarly broad.

So let me ask you - at your place of work, do men with positions roughly comparable to yours sometimes wear suits similar to the one in question?

If they do, then it's likely that the suit in question is suitable for office wear at your place of work.

If they do not, then you'd be taking more of a risk in wearing it to your place of work.

It's really not a complicated matter.

Although since you're already concerned that it's too casual for finance, I suspect you shouldn't wear it to work. Since that concern will likely leave you feeling a tad insecure about your choice of suit. And no man looks his best when he's second guessing his choice of clothing.
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