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Paul Smith blazer

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Hi all -


Quick question regarding the quality of Paul Smith suits / blazers... I found myself with a gift card to Bloomingdales and went looking for a blazer today.  Ended up buying a lightweight / unstructured navy blazer from Paul Smith on sale for $600 from $1000 (think it is this blazer, but in a dark navy, tho the label on the inside of the jacket is a bit different:  Is this considered a nice blazer?  I am primarily looking for something to wear with jeans / khakis, for going out .. not super formal.  If not this, anything else I should consider at Bloomingdales in a similar price range?  I think this one fit pretty well (size 38), though the sleeves need to be shortened a bit and I am considering taking it in just a bit in the back as well.


Thanks so much for the input!

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That URL is to a suit, if you were thinking about buying a suit jacket as blazer forget that silly idea. Suits and casual jackets are quite different and thus to buy the 'wrong' one and create an orphan at birth is quite not a good idea in the slightest.
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Hi GBR -

Thanks for the input. Here is another link with the same jacket in a different color closer to the one I bought which I hadn't seen on their website earlier (the windowpane lines on mine are fainter):, where the model is not wearing the matching pants. Also, at the store they had some Paul Smith suits, and then also had individual jackets on their own which is what this indication it was part of a suit. Perhaps this is an ignorant question but do the matching trousers make it a "suit" and if so, what are the main differences between a suit jacket and a blazer?
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That is still a suit jacket and my original comments apply equally to that as well.

A suit jacket is simply not a blazer.

Cut to answer your second question, the number of times people have put up a suit jacket because the trousers had been injured and it looks no more right now as then. Ignore shops, they will tell you anything that they think you believe to get merchandise out of the door.
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The fact it is made from worsted wool will strongly run the risk of looking like an orphaned suit jacket and despite its pattern being too formal to wear with jeans. The cut of the jacket is equally an odd blend of formal and informal that you expect from fashion houses, the jacket is too short for being a proper suit jacket on the model but has jetted pockets etc.


Orphan jacket -v- sports jacket/blazer isnt an immediately easy one to answer and a quick google will bring up much better answers than mine would be. There are some suits, particularly "country" or "summer" ones where it is possible to use the jacket as a casual piece but there has to be careful selection of fabric and cut/style for this to work (and in some cases of tweed jackets people may be more surprised that trousers existed than it look like an orphan)

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What the others said...


Also, that OP links to the ugliest ensemble I think I've ever seen--and that was before I noticed the price.

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