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Bespoke Fabric Help

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Hey guys!

New to this forum but have been browsing it for years now. Would like some advice from you all.

I'm doing my first bespoke suit for my wedding and wanted some help picking fabric. It's a reputable shop that is highly regarded on SF.

- Is Super 120s fabric of sufficient quality? Is it too delicate? Will it get wrinkled too easily?
- Is the fabric mill critical? eg should the fabric be from a mill that I recognize/have heard of?
- someone said worsted wool is the way to go (vs woolen). Is that true, or am I just misinformed)?

Let me know what other factors I should take into consideration!

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You would be better served allowing your cutter/tailor offer you a selection after he understands your needs. Cloth selection cannot be rationalised as appears to your assumption.

Super 120s is not a measure of quality. It is a reflection of the fineness of wool fibres, Generally the higher number the more difficult to maintain appearance and certainly not suitable for daily use.

There are a number of brands, eg Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, those belonging to Harrisons of Edinburgh and many more each of which have their own characteristics. All are equally as good as one another yet all are different.

Ignore "someone", they knoweth not of what they of what they speak. Worsted - after a village in Norfolk is a reference to the ‘long staple’ feed stock and the method of spinning/weaving. 'Ordinary' wool uses different yarn/fibres but neither is in itself better nor worse that the other.
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