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A round of applause to to every single person who participated, it all adds up - but I think a well deserved +1 to both Spoo's Luxeswap and BP for really moving that needle!

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OK, the checks are in the mail. Ill send the stragglers in a separate envelope, but Ive also enclosed my own note in the package too.

You guys are wonderful.

To the family of Brian Shin -

After Justin contacted me and told me about your loss, and that he wanted to sell some things to help support you in your time of need, I knew that I could help more. As Im sure Justin has told you, the online community that Brian and I met each other on is a large one - and a kind one. I asked other eBay sellers to help participate in selling things that were thrifted, just as Brian loved, to help raise funds to assist during this difficult time. Well, they certainly did band together - I am happy to be enclosing with this letter over 20 checks from two countries and over 15% of the states in the United States. In addition, some of our other friends have written letters to you that are included with this one.

I think its safe to say that I can speak for the entire StyleForum community that we offer you our most sincere condolences and hope this financial contribution helps. While no amount of money can bring Brian back, his memory in both your and our lives is indelible - and I for one will remember his wit and wisdom during my time thrifting and selling, and you can rest assured that his memory and spirit will live on that way too.

President, LuxeSwap
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Thanks for organizing everything, @SpooPoker Happy to have been a small part of such a kind hearted endeavor and proud to be part of the type of community that pulled together to make something like this happen. Well done, boys.
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Hey everyone! I'm here to update! I received the package on Monday and gosh were there a bunch of checks! It's overwhelming still to think about everything that's happened lately. I've already handed off the stack of checks to Bryson who likely has deposited the sum already today. Then we're gonna go over to Brian's parents place Saturday with all the letters (which I have not read yet, I wanted to have the parents to be among the first to hear them) and present the money and have the letters read/translated. We're super excited and I'll let update everyone here on Sunday to let you all know how it went!


I'm hoping to contribute to a post to the thrift forum as well to show off everything Brian taught me!

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Excellent. Please keep us posted.
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Thanks to @SpooPoker and everyone participating in this for helping make Styleforum the community that J. and I always imagined.  Incredibly proud to be able to provide a space for things like this to happen.





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Second wave of checks going out today or tomorrow -

$82 - EK, TAMPA, FL
$100 - HGA, HOLDEN, MA
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Nice! That takes the grand total to just over $3500.
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