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Suit alterations needed (?) - If so, recommend a tailor in London.

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Evening all.


Short summary at bottom for those who don't care for my ramblings...


I got this 'Tailored Fit' suit in a January sale at an M&S store not this year but the year before, with the intention to have it kept at work for days I cycle in and have to go to meetings, but it wasn't a great fit so I've tried not to wear it.


Long story short, it's still not a great fit (though maybe it's not too far off), and there are some pictures below to prove it (ignore tie/square/shirt, they were at the front of the wardrobe - just to get an idea of shape).


Also bear in mind that the angle of the photos make my legs look about 2 foot long in a couple of them, this isn't the case in reality...


Pics in Spoiler (Click to show)










I think it could probably do with the following alterations (in order of importance and open to suggestions otherwise):

- Jacket brought in at waist 

- Taper the trousers a little (maybe 0.25" off)

- Shorten trousers a touch.


- The jacket length looks bad in the photos, but I think that's a matter of perspective, it didn't feel bad and it sits right on the second thumb knuckle.

- I get shoulder divots on pretty much every jacket I own, I think (maybe vainly) as a result of having spent too much time in the gym... These are particularly bad.



Anyway, totting all this up and you're probably looking at something around £100, I'd guess... For a suit that I think probably cost about that much, I'd be inclined to say it's not worth it.


However, If I was to sell this (for a measly sum I expect) and put the money towards a 'better' fitting suit OTR (it will still be "cheap" by many peoples standards on here), I'd probably end up at least having to pay a little bit to make it perfect anyway - but I suppose it would be on a better suit.



I quite like the fine check pattern on this suit. Though who cares about the pattern if it doesn't fit.




So TL;DR: Is it worth paying for a load of alterations to a suit that I got cheap, and have never really worn but seems to 'nearly' fit me. Or should I give up and try and get something closer to fitting off the rack (but probably pay more for the suit, and then also have to get some kind of alteration done to get it perfect).



And finally, if alterations are the way to go - any recommendations in Central or SE London?

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That suit is too small through the arms and the chest. I can see quite a bit of buckling in the lapels. It is already pulling at the button, so I'm not sure why you'd want to take in the waist any more. It probably is too tight in the back as well, and would need to be let out in the upper and middle back, and perhaps through the shoulders. I would go get a new suit. It wasn't that expensive, and it would not be worth the effort to alter it so that it "might" fit.
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Sounds reasonable.

Definitely too small in the arm. It's not overly tight in the upper back/chest, despite appearing so here, but there is extra fabric around the waist (despite being a 'tailored fit' it's not desperately tailored).

Gumtree for this one then.
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