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Hello, Gentlemen:

{I've taken the liberty of cross-posting the following missive at "Ask Andy's", in slightly different fashion, and I apologize, in advance, if you've already seen it there and find its presence here redundant...}

I'm a Los Angeles-based archivist, presently actively curating pieces of vintage Julian apparel to photograph for my forthcoming book on Alex's career, and am writing here to inform you of my interest in procuring pieces from Alex's high-end (aka: non-"Colours") lines.

If anyone reading this (or your fellow sartorially savvy friends) have Julian Bespoke/Couture pieces still in your wardrobes/closets/drawers, I'd love to hear from you: perhaps you can send along digital photos and/or I can make you an offer for them.

Even if all your "80's" duds have long since gone off to the Goodwill, if you still have a fond memory or two of Alex's distinctive approach to textile and apparel design, your comments would also be most welcome here.

Eric McMullen
Alexander Julian Archivist
Los Angeles