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I need help getting some style back - older guy

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Hello all,


I just need some direction on getting my grove back.  A few months ago, I got out of a relationship that was nine years old. I'd like to buy some causal cloths and upgrade my look but I'm completely lost.  Also, I am still recovering from some lower back injuries so I'm a heavier guy.  Is it even possible to look sharp as a larger, older guy?


Ugh.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I often wear pleated slacks and a dress shirt to work.  Sometimes with a tie.  Causally... well I'm still working on that. 

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Conanzulu--I see a lot of gents on SF who are exceptionally sharp and not young. IMHO, style is finding what fits with and expresses who you are. That's possible at any age and for any size.

This is your opportunity to create who you want to be and show it through the choices you make for your wardrobe. No need to rush. I've been a SF member for a number of years and have learned a lot by reading posts, watching what works, and finding my own sense of style. I notice gents on the street who look particularly good and think about what makes them look sharp. I read Nick Sullivan's column in Esquire magazine.

A number of sites offer a sense of what might work for you. Here are a few starters that you might consider:

Hope that helps. You're already starting out right by being part of the SF community.

Dr. Nemo
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Thank you.  I'm going to check those links out. 

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Whether you realize it or not, most guys already have a style so figure out what it is and work with it! We can probably be more helpful if you're willing to post pics of what you actually wear in and out of the office. Without a visual reference I can only recommend that you find items that fit, the biggest mistake guys make is buying clothes that are too large and not having anything altered to fit better.

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I'm with Randy. Making sure clothes fit, and are altered to fit, makes a big difference. A good tailor who knows how to fit you and make the right adjustments is a great help.
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Conanzulu--Hope you're doing well. Just sending some positive vibes and interested to hear how you're doing. When you get a moment, send an update.

--Dr. Nemo
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Hello and thanks for checking back.  I wasn't expecting that.  I think I'm gaining confidence but I'm still not there as far as outfits.  Its a work in progress.  I've started attempting some new ideas when buying outfits basing them around shoes and belts.  I'm winging it for the most part. 

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Fact is, we are all winging it. What matters is the fit with who you are. I'm a research engineer who is also a bassist in a jazz ensemble. No rules for that other than try what seems right and see how it feels. I'm fortunate to know Terell Stafford and Tim Warfield. Both have a great sense of style on and offstage. I just used Google Images and found a lot of shots of them in higher style and more casual clothes. Might be fun to check them out.

--Dr. Nemo
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Hmm ok I'll try that. 

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Let us know how you make out

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