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Black Tie: Velvet/Velvetine(?) Dinner Jacket

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I need to buy a new DJ as I have shrunk to the extent that my old one is not like a tent. I fancy a velvet dinner jacket with a shawl collar that I can wear with black dress trousers or trews. I was looking at suitthatfits to get one made and I noticed they have velvet but it is called "velvetine" velvet. Like so:-




"Velveteen", as far as I know is not real velvet so if I go for this would it be inferior in quality to an off the peg jacket like this one....




...or would there be little difference so getting the fitted item may be better? Any clues?

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Get a normal evening dress. For most functions you would look like something of an idiot in such a thing. Fine if the function is at your home or if you are the Chairman of your company or other eccentric, not fine other wise.
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Hmmm. Maybe.

It's a concern, I'll admit. Trews can go with the coatee anyway and are OK with a normal dinne jacket.

Could go with SuitThatFits one or off the peg Marc Wallace and get it tweeked.

Quite like this one

Any other makes worth looking at?
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Assuming it fits and you like it, it will be fine.

Trews (usually tartan) are fine/quite acceptable for the Scots but that is it. For all others it is stupid and is merely affectation.
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I'm Scots, so that's fine.

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