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I saw on some thread awhile back that 'front lining (whether to knee or bottom) is not recommended for cotton trousers' - I've searched for that thread and been unable to find it, but I do not recall any rationale being stated for why.


I prefer all my wool and linen trousers lined, but have been moving towards more cotton twill for my bespoke trousers (Luxire) - so far I've heeded this advice, but before I drop $ on replacing them with lined ones - any particular reason to avoid? The only thing I can think of is heat, but this isn't much of an issue for me (despite living in a very, very hot climate half of the year) as I spend all my time in non-linen trousers indoors. Does it affect drape, or the fabrics ability to hold a crease? For reference, I'm talking cotton twills in 8-9 oz, give or take - not chinos, (although often made in chino fabrics, but cut like dress trousers).


Thanks for any input.


EDIT: perhaps I should've added that my reasons for having all other fabrics of trousers lined is ease of movement when sitting down, as well as (at least perceived by me) an improvement in overall drape.