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Hello Everyone, 

There is currently a GMTO in the works for a pair of CJ Galway 2 boots in brown shell cordovan. Currently, we have 11 potentially interested parties and need just 1 more to move ahead. 

The make up would be as follows:

  • Model: Galway2
  • Upper: Dark Brown Shell Cordovan
  • Last: 325
  • Width: Standard E (US D)
  • Edging: Antique
  • Sole: Dainite Sole in Dark Brown with a thin leather mid-sole OR Double Leather
  • Welt: Storm Welt
  • Eyelets: Dark Brown Eyelets & Speedhooks (4+4)

The basic model Galway2 in  brown shell would resemble the CJ for RL Gianni boot  but would be with one less eyelet (4 instead of 5) and the shaft is 1/2in lower.


If we can get enough people soon we would have the boots around october right in time around fall. The latest quote from CJ is:

  • £650 less VAT £541.67 (~783.00 USD with current exchange rate) + Shipping
  • delivery @ about 16 weeks


You can follow the CJ MTO thread and post any questions or updates there.  There is also a Google doc  set up for this where you can add yourself to the list as well as your preferred specs (in the Gianni tab)


Note - The Gianni pattern would be an additional £25.


Please let me or @KPDarb know if you are interested and want/need any additional info!


This is a rare opportunity to get this awesome boot as it is no more available from RL !!Inspiration Pics  (not mine) ----------