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Trying to ID a bow tie...

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Anyone know where one can find this Rimbaud-esque bow tie, or what it's called? Thanks.
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I don't know, but it looks so thin and floppy as to be totally unlined. Given that it's also square rather than "bow" shaped, I wonder whether you might manage that look by making your own very cheaply and easily.

Buy a bit of black ribbon from your local haberdashery in the material you want and that's more than twice the width of the final bowtie, fold it over, stitch into place and voila. Might work, maybe, anyway......
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Hmm, I see what you're saying. I'll try it.

I thought that maybe this sort of bow tie was common in the late 1800s any maybe had a particular name. But it does seem to be nothing more than a ribbon...

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The tie is, just like you stated, a replica of a tie Arthur Rimbaud wore in one of his most famous portraits. It is a derivative of what was referred to as a shirt ruffle or stock. This form of bow tie was very popular in the late Victorian era (1860-1910). It was seen as very trendy to try and tie the bow tie in all sorts of different and unique ways, which led to Rimbaud's now iconic interpretation which as you probably know was understated and intentionally diagonal creating a decidedly restrained sense of rebellion. The tie has even become the muse of YSL, who have created their own version hailing it as "Yves Saint Laurent Signature Saint Laurent Rimbaud Bow Tie"

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