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Originally Posted by BAYsic View Post
Went with black, job was offered on the spot!!! Thanks guys.
Congrats! That is great to hear. I was going to suggest that instead or worrying about shoes, you could concentrate on interview skills. Obviously, you already did that. I'm sure the chief justice doesn't care about your shoes anyway. If he/she did, I wouldn't want to work for him. Give me a break. Hiring decisions based on shoe color? Anyone in a position like that has more on his mind. Now having said all this, my opinion is that black and blue do not go together as well as brown and blue. I am talking about a really, really dark brown. Cordovan and navy blue is an even better combination. Together they just seem more complex...navy and black work ok, but it's the easy way out.
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Originally Posted by BAYsic View Post
Went with black, job was offered on the spot!!! Thanks guys.
I am very pleased to hear that. Good for you!
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Now I'm confused. I'm getting married in a few months and have bought a dark blue MTM suit. Yeah yeah, so I should have tailored... Besides the point.

So, 'can' you get away with tan shoes? Thinking about it, navy and black 'does' scream COP. Also, the guy in the shop is a bit backwards with regards to hem and cuff length. The hem looks quite long and makes my legs look short, plus the cuffs are too long for me - half way down the palm. Jeez, I don't want to mess this up.

AND, what's the deal with POCKETS. Is only ONE back trouser pocket okay?

Just answer the shoe and pocket question, but feel free to comment on suits/marriage.

Plus, this is my first post. Can you tell? Hello!
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Most people on this forum would probably say go with brown, and I would generally agree - although I don't know about "tan." It does depend on the formality of the wedding. Daytime - brown, Night - dark brown or black.

For your suit go to a tailor outside of the store where you bought it. It doesn't sound like that guy knows what you want to what to recommend. The sleeves should come to the break in your wrist so you can show some cuff. The trousers should hit the top of your shoes with a slight break. I like them cuffed.

On pockets, if you have already bought the suit, there is nothing you can do about it anyway so don't worry. I am not sure it matters.
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Thanks Porcelain Monkey. Going in for my final fitting tomorrow. Will recommend 'the break in the wrist' look. The pocket issue seems solved as other 'forums' (sorry) have mentioned that you rarely get a 'one pocket' option OTP - so it gives the suit a bespoke look.

I've also gone for buttons instead of zips - and straight pockets. The tailor said that looked like a 'dad' style, but no way am I opting for a sloping pocket look.

One more point. The length of the suit coat also concerns me. The tailor recommends a length cut close to the base of the a$$. On me that looks too long. Does anybody look good in a suit cut above the a$$ base?

When I eventually pick it up I'll post a picture.
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I wear a pari of black cowboy boots with my blue suits all the time. I like the way black tends to look with blue over brown, even if its suggestive of the law.
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Congratulations! As for Shoe vs Suit Navy Suits goes with everything. But I tend to favor Dark Dark Brown or Black over other colors.
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