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Blue suit: black or brown shoes?

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I usually pair a dark navy suit with a cognac colored (not cordovan but not tan, something in the middle see link below for a similar shade). However, I have an interview with the Chief Justice of my state supreme court. I obviously want to dress fairly conservatively, thus am wondering whether I should go with black shoes instead. What does everyone think? Are brown shoes with a blue suit too fashion forward for this type of interview? Is black a safer bet? Also, I never really know what color socks to pair with a navy suit (with either black or brown shoes), any suggestions?
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those shoes are nasty. i'm assuming your suit is navy blue, don't go any lighter. that or charcoal. if you use the search button you will see many many threads pertaining to the same question you asked, ranging from law firm to med school interviews. short answer - go with dark brown shoes from allen edmonds. model - park avenue. other types of balmorals or bluchers in dark brown are also acceptable, just nothing with a flat or square toe. rounded squares are ok. look in the "what i am wearing today" thread for more inspirations.
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Thanks, the shoes are nasty but were the closest to the color I was trying to show.
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Black shoes are fine with a navy suit. This is a conservative approach.
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Originally Posted by BAYsic View Post
...interview with the Chief Justice of my state supreme court...
There is no wiggle room on this: with your navy suit wear navy OTC socks and black captoe bals -- very shiny!
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hahaha you sound just like the career counselors at my school! I think your advice is right on point, I'll save the "style" for another day (maybe after I get the job...)
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Many aficionados advocate brown with navy. It really depends on your environ.; for the most formal of business environ., I suggest black. I really like EGs Russell on 82
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If you do want to be US conservative ,go for black shoes....

If you do want to show some elegance ,wear shoes with blueish/black patinas ...
They're the epitome of elegance and Berluti and other bspoke people will do them for you...
Lobb will also provide some interesting dark blue finish...

That is separating the men from the boys not wearing black shoes with midnight blue suits...
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I don't think the Chief Justice wants to see any style. Wear black. By definition, judging the law is one of the most conservative careers in our societies. This is a tremendous opportunity for you to learn and go on to bigger and better. Once you're running your own firm, you can sport whatever kind of shoes you like.
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brown brown brown. if you want to look like a policeman, wear black shoes with a blue suit.
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Black, very dark brown or cordovan (color) would be fine. Avoid tan or lighter browns unless his Honor is Neapolitan.
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If you are seeking a job, wear black. If you are seeking a date, wear brown.
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wear black. worse case, he will think you lack fashion flair (as do 98% of americans). you don't want to be seen as a dandy in front of someone who is a top dog. Hell, I wear bowties, and I would never wear one for an interview unless the guy doing the interview wore them (and even then I would be concerned it would be deemed as phony). be plain and make your resume/education stand out.
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AE Park Aves in Black, dark brown or cordovan would work here. Stick to a classic captoe in a dark color. And make sure they're shined.
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If it were me, I would wear black shoes -- my EG Chelsea (cap toe bals) actually -- and navy, otc socks. I would spend some time the night before shining them up.
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