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Hi - new poster here.  I stumbled across this place via another forum and after reading the Boots Boots Boots thread decided I must get a pair of Carmina Oscar Jumper boots.  


My questions is - what is the fit like on these?  I'm a UK size 9, should I go up or down half a size or stick with the 9?  


Also, the boot I want is the chestnut antique grain but Carmina don't have these in stock on their website, I've emailed the owner and she's going to check if they will repeat this model and get back to me.  Skoaktiebolaget have the Tarnsjo boot (which looks to me to be a slightly different grain) on their website but either with a commando rubber sole or fur lining, which I'd prefer not to have.  


Does anyone know anywhere else I can find a pair of these boots?  


Any advice much appreciated, and apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area.