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Pitti Uomo 90 - Day 1

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Day one's over, and I feel like I could sleep for a week. Alas, for us the work is all ahead of us. We're setting up an offsite showroom this year, with @MILER Menswear, a great bunch of people with an unlimited amount of energy it seems. At the same time, as you can see, we're also trying to cover the whole Pitti experience for you guys. I can't complain though. We've just spent a couple of lovely days in the Tuscan Hills, and now we're in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, meeting a lot of people who are just as nerdy as I am (or nerdier even) about classic menswear. Admittedly, as you can probably tell from some of the pictures below, not every one has the same take on "classic". Most people here have probably never heard of Flusser's books or know that there are actual guidelines as to how you wear a suit. Depending on which side of lunch I am, I'm either mildly annoyed by these facts or experiencing a feeling of refreshment, that not every one is so anal about the "clothing rules" that some people (yeah, sometimes I'm one of them) seem to live by.

As per usual I meet a whole bunch of Styleforum regulars here. They're usually the people I mostly like to spend time around as well. I guess there is a sense of community in the fact that we are probably the biggest bunch of nerds here.

We spent the first day meeting up with friends and aquaintancies at the fair and inviting people to our trunk show.

I tried to spot new trends. To be honest though, it was hard seeing much change from last year and the year before. There are still a lot of Solaro suits (in many different colours), tobacco linen is still a thing, Pitti blue is also a thing, though maybe slightly less than last year. I didn't have that much time to check out the exhibition area, since it's hard getting anywhere within the Pitti area without running into a fellow forumite and then getting caught up in some obscure discussion on shoulder constructions.

Today I'm heading back early from the fair to get things in order for our afternoon event/trunk show, then we're hoping to squeeze in two other events tonight. Naturally we'll be covering everything on Instagram and here (with some delay).

Anyway, you probably didn't check out this thread to read my comments. So, without further ado, here are the pictures (if you notice a different style to them it's because they where edited by my friend/business partner Lasse):

Dont forget to follow the pitti90 tag for all updates on Pitti.
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Great photos, Erik. Thanks.

It looks like jackets are getting longer even if pants are still generally short and tight.

Either that or I am desensitized to short jackets.
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Pitti Uomo looks kind of embarrassing. So many guys dressed the same or desperately hoping to stand out so someone takes their photo.
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Really like some of these fits
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Did they confiscate EVERYONE's socks at passport control??

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Originally Posted by RaggedyDandy View Post

Did they confiscate EVERYONE's socks at passport control??
I prefer the no show sock with loafer look. Long socks with loafers seems kind of self defeating in the summer
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Conor McGregor is at Pitti.  Cool.

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Looks like DBs can also fall into the "trend that is still a trend" category
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Less colorful, more tasteful it seems like
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Great photos. Can't wait for the trend to revert to wearing trousers with a slightly wider leg opening to allow for a fuller break. I am tired of seeing ankles and (clown) socks.
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I still need to set up a LuxeSwap stand at Pitti. Because as soon as the picture is posted, they're over it.
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Maybe at the airport as they're leaving, Spoo? "You don't want to carry that bag back home, do you? Such a hassle. I can pay *you* to ease your burden. Do I have your interest?"
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Don't know if people are familiar with him but this dude - Nicholas Radano - makes great ties. He used to label them "spacca Napoli" and he's recently changed the name to something different. Can't remember what it is but will see if I can find it. Well-prices and beautifully made. Incredibly thick silk.

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Man, I really like looking at pitti pictures. It's always so bright and colorful and probably one of my favorite looks. But then you step back and realize how it's not actually a good way to dress in the real world and it really only looks good in photos where the people there have a good reason to be dressed that way. Going through life that way otherwise, you either have to have the success and charisma to match your clothing or be thought of like Zoolander.

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Peacock Parade.
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