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Pisgah Range Ltd. Laces (Made in USA)

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Made in the USA with US military Paracord.


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...And like clockwork the need for new laces has arisen and at a custom length of 48''. Decided to go for the black with gunmetal and within a week the custom laces arrived: 













Pisgah Range Ltd. Laces Review:

First thoughts: These laces are impressive. The hand feel is smooth and strong. The US military paracord appears well suited for its application and ties well. The length is spot on. For thickness, it is a little thicker than a standard White’s or Wesco boot lace, however it’s not too thick, but rather is perfectly beefed up.

Weave: The weave is super tight. Not only should this increase tensile strength, but also prevent the lace from snagging on sharp objects. In addition, the core has many strands of ultra-durable 3-ply nylon innards as can been seen in this informative page on their website.

Finish: Not a single strand of nylon is our of place. The shade of black is rich and beautiful and well complemented by the gunmetal aglets. Indeed, the laces faintly glow in the soft afternoon sunlight. The high quality gunmetal color brass aglets are perfectly installed. The finish couldn’t be any better.

The trade-off: The Thorogood cotton laces held really well with virtually no effort. A loosley tied single knot would do just fine. The drawback of the Thorogood laces is that the cotton faded and wore relatively fast. On the other hand, the Pisgag Range laces are much more smooth and require a firmer knot and preferably a double knot. It takes a little getting used to, however is not really an issue and the quality of the Pisgah Range laces is far superior.

Overall, these laces should last longer than the original Thorogood laces and probably last longer than the shoes themselves which, being industrial grade themselves, have plenty of wear left on them. These are easily among the best laces available and make the ideal upgrade for a wide range of footwear. Couldn't be happier with the laces. The old White’s Smokejumpers and Wesco Jobmasters will likely be next up to receive a Pisgag Range upgrade.

These are the laces featured in this post:

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