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MTM Suit in Toronto

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Hi, I am a 20 years old university student in Toronto. I just started my internship in banking industry. I am planning to buy 1-2 mtm suits. Can anyone suggest some tailors? I am 173cm, 65 kg, slimmer than normal, so it is hard for me to buy suits at places like BB. I currently have an Armani suit purchased from Harry Rosen when it was on sale, but it still cost me $2300. Despite the fact that I like Amarni's fit and drape, it is too expensive for me. My budget for mtm suits will be around $1000 each. I hope the cut and style will be trendy and sharp. Thanks for your advice.

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The armani suit I own is a navy one, so I am planning to get a charcoal and a medium grey one. Though I do not the suit to be too conservative.

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Spier & Mackay or Suit Supply.  


Try off the rack first at both locations, both have some pretty trim cuts.  You don't always have to go MTM but they both offer it if you need to.   

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The problem with OTR suits is that I do not know the quality of different brands and I will not know the quality of the suit just by looking and touching it. The only brand I know with full canvased, great quality suit within my price range will be BB GF, but the price here in Canada is same as Harry Rosen's MTM suits. I bought some shirts from Spier & Mackay, but I believe my price range is enough to buy suits made in Canada which is likely better than MTM suits shipped from Asia. 


Just need some recommendation, which brand has extra slim fit, full canvased OTR suits less than $1500 after tax?


Is there any tailor in toronto offers Samuelsohn MTM besides Harry Rosen? How is Samuelsohn MTM compare to trend?

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Check out "The Gallantry". 

It's a new MTM brand in Toronto, their entry level suits start at $1000.

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Try Tello & Son Clothiers at First Canadian Place. They do MTM Samuelsohn. However, you will not be getting it at $1,000 plus tax. If you can wait for Harry Rosen's MTM promotions (Samuelsohn MTM at 1095+tax), wait for it.

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