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For Sale:
Viberg Brown Fatty Calf Boot size 11.5

Will Ship To: USA

I am in the US from June 19th - 26th. I am looking to have these sold before i go so i can ship them for relatively a low price 


If someone buys them before that date i will do $300 USD shipped


These have roughly 5 wears on them 


These were purchased during Viberg recent sample sale. They're in better condition than many of the boots I've bought brand new at retail price from Viberg.

Size 11.5 US on the 1035 last. Most people size down a half or full size from their Brannock size for these... so they should fit someone that's a 12 or 12.5.

These can be found on the Viberg website selling new, first condition, in the 1035 last for $730:

There are two very minor issues with these boots that I've tried to document in the photos. The first is there's a dimple about the diameter of a pencil eraser and maybe a millimeter or two tall on the toe area of one of the boots. There's also a slight dark mark on one of them. Viberg would call it "the character of the leather", but I just wanted to point out it's there. These are both minor and not very noticeable.