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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

I'm not really satisfied with point two, but again, I don't think anyone can argue with your preferences. If the broader point is that people should feel comfortable in their clothes, I agree. It just doesn't seem like a very novel point.

Agree. Not a novel point. I didn't realize we had to break new ground. Would it help if I noted that there were going to be further reductions at Mr. Porter today? I don't think anyone has posted that yet.
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Originally Posted by sprout2 View Post

Wish he would undo the jacket so we could see the P-K-L monogram.
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Who you calling "he," buddy? That's my WIWTWYSIWYG

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I like to hang out at the young adult section at Borders

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Originally Posted by agjiffy View Post

But that is rollino, correct? Sure looks it.

I can not tell. Not spalla camicia for sure.

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Looks to be con rollino. I think earlier arguments were about spalla camicia, which is more regional.
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Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

It is only as I had an idle moment this morning that I delved into this thread, and came across the quote above.

First off, Jim, thank you for your praise.

Secondly, my "style" such as it is, exists only because I work in the IT work, where if you're not violating the company's dress code in some egregious manner, or the local decency laws, you can wear whatever you like. I rarely if ever see people from "the outside", so I dress essentially to please myself. The men in my office either have some grudging admiration for my style, or ignore it completely, as a harmless eccentricity; the women in my office see me as an eye-candy oasis in a world full of boringly or badly dressed men.

As for the average style factor on Wall St., what I see is not very impressive, but the financial district is more of a "factory town" now - the "front office" folks, for whom presentation skills count, work more in midtown. Much of the attire I see is some form of "business casual", and that includes some of the higher-end investment banks (to paraphrase Sarah Palin, "I can see Goldman Sachs from my cubicle window" - an absolutely true statement, as it happens). Walking around Brookfield Place doesn't give one a sense that Wall St. style is all that interesting, and certainly not the ironbound standard that the OP professes - unless someone has chained the really good dressers to their desks in the towers upstairs.


I'm in NYC as a software developer at an ad company. Although I don't actually dress up for my job to the degree that you do, I can still relate to what you are saying somewhat. IT and Software Development are not known for people dressed well but they are also not known for having any sort of hierarchy based on dress, because of it. Therefore, dressing nicely is irrelevant on every level, except for one's own enjoyment. You have to deal somewhat with people ribbing you for wearing a collared shirt but ultimately people react positively or neutrally. I also have been at this company for a while and am now one of the "oldest" employees (in terms of years served, not age).


That being said, I don't dress at all like upr, not because I dislike his style but because it is lightyears beyond anything I own much less could coherently put together. Also, the highest level people at my company rarely wear suits (only for certain client events). So I'm referring more to have shoes that aren't sneakers and nice casual shirts, and then going all out whenever there is a company event that invites me to wear a suit or a jacket.

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You guys are all wrong. Navy/grey suit trousers (with or without a jacket (mostly without)) and some kind of poplin dress shirt is where it's at. Everything else is superfluous.
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Reality killed this thread. Sad. It started out so well...

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DWW killed this thread

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Too much snark, too little content.

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Suit Science kills discussion. That's what I think.
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Suit Science kills suits

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Want to jump over to the THE STYLEFORUM WORKING HIERARCHICAL SUIT QUALITY LIST (SFWHSQL!) and argue rankings? That's always fun in a "my dad can beat up your Dad" kind of way...


Anyway, US 2- 1 ECU. USA! USA! USA!

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Is there some sporting event going on that I don't know about?

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