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Suitsupply visit

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I'm going to visit suitsupply and hoping for some advice.


I'd like something that is durable & long lasting, so no supper narrow lapels or anything. Thinking of navy, and I'm 50 if that makes a difference.


Is there a particular line I should ask them for - I don't trust salesmen whatsoever.

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And don't trust Suit Supply salesman in particular. They have a reputation of trying to squeeze customers into something a size too small. I suggest trying on a few things, asking the salesperson (or your significant other or friend) take pictures. Sit on it for a day or two and then return to make your purchase.


Are you looking for a jacket or a suit? If a suit, probably La Spalla. If it's a jacket, probably Jort or Hudson. If you are looking for a casual suit, Jort works well too.


Suit Supply also tends to be very slim cut. Don't know if that's an issue for you.

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TY Looking for suits. I lift weights and don't fit slim.

EDIT: I stopped in quickly after work today and was really disappointed.

The salesman complimented me on how great I looked in a Napoli cut when there was an obvious huge "divots" under the shoulder. I looked at him like he was a fucking alien and then he blamed me for being an odd fit. Funny thing was another Napoli cut in a color I didn't like fit perfectly.

I was so disgusted I left.

I'm not writing them off for good - yet - I just want to know more headed in next time and work with a non-idiot.

So for learning more - there seem to be different fabric types within the wool realm, from a fine "shiny" finish to a more coarse weave. Is the coarse weave longer lasting & less prone to wrinkles?

Basically I want a couple suits that won't go out of style, last forever & don't get wrinkled. And preferably around $500. So...magic suits satisfied.gif

So - please - let me know the closest thing to that that I can get from suitsupply. Or somewhere else in Toronto if you're familiar with this town.
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