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£200 suit for interview

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Had to rush out and buy myself a suit for an apprenticeship interview---- do you think this is acceptable in a business setting as its a one button suit and what do you think of the fit ? Still need to get a slim belt to match the shoes

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The fit is pretty admirable for off the rack. I'm no professional, but if you told me it was MTM I would probably believe you. 


As far as one button suits go, there's a really good chance that nobody will even notice. Yes, one button suits are pretty casual, and in a conservative office setting they may not fly, but I wouldn't exactly worry too much about what you have there. We don't close the bottom button on suits anyway.

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I think the arms are a little long are you supposed to have up to an inch of shirt cuff showing ? Other than that I'm quite happy with it and think it fit is ok / 89% fit in the jacket. But I suppose you get what you pay for and considering my time frame / the first suit iv got by myself I'm content with it
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Difficult to tell with your poses, jacket seems a bit short. Shortening the sleeves may reduce the contrast. Colour is a bit light for an interview but it depends on the industry/ sector. A bit fashion forward but not bad, and 99% of people will find it acceptable.
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Sleeves are definitely too long, think it needs to be at least an inch shorter. Wear one of the shirts that you'll typically wear to work and get a tailor to do the exact measurements.


Length looks fine to me for a one-button. It's not as serious a color as the typical business suits and you're a young chap who's in decent shape, don't worry about the length.

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Interview went well didn't have the jacket on just had it over my arm . I got a nice leather belt and I'm starting an apprentice program at university in logistics and management
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