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This? Very nice piece, but nothing I would consider stealing if I saw it sitting unattended in an airport. But that's just me.
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Not that one, but there used to be a really gorgeous distressed leather messenger with a two-buckle closure. I think they were snapped up at the end of the last sale.
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I've long been desperate for a really good laptop bag, but I'm afraid I don't have anything useful to offer. Right now I have a generic heavy-nylon job with a company logo on it; while it's ugly and cheap, it's actually a convenient design--small, light, but expandable to hold a few hardcovers if necessary. I put my laptop in a protective sleeve and slide the whole thing in. The other ones I've seen, or even bought, are typically either too large and clunky and heavy, or so small that you can barely fit in the power cord. Lately I've just been syncing my files and not bothering to carry the thing at all, except for travel.
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I'm a huge fan of the Timbuk2 bags. I've had mine for ten years and it still looks fine. I'm none too careful with it and just jam whatever I want into it. It keeps out water and is comfortable to carry loads of various sizes. I checked out the Patagonia bags and found them to be really uncomfortable on your back. The strap just hits in the wrong place. As for the laptop bags, I got the Timbuk2 laptop briefcase and it's too large unless you carry a lot of papers but then it's too heavy to carry as a briefcase. If I had it all to do over, I'd just get the sleeve and slip it into whatever bag I was carrying.
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The GAP makes a pretty decent if I may borrow the watch forumners term, "˜beater' messenger bag that has a pull through for head phones and a special section for a CD player / MP3 player. I picked one of these up for school... I know its not what the original poster was looking for, but I thought I should mention it anyone looking for an inexpensive, but surprisingly well-made messenger bag. I also have a Bottega Veneta messenger bag, but that's a whole other story. Jon.
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Lambertson Truex are the most becoming I've seen. They're sold at Bergdorf's, among other places.
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The problem with canvas is not that it wears, but that after a few years it just does not look as fresh.
That's sort of the point though -- nothing you own should look new.
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If I were you, I'd buy this in a heartbeat.  If I needed a bag at the moment, I'd be getting it myself.
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John Varvatos bags are terrific. I carry a the entirely calfskin version of this one (from his inaugaral season): Seriously, it is one of my half dozen favorite purchases ever - picked it up for $160 at Stonestreets (Cambridge) super clearance sale.
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