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Waistcoat Advice for Summer Wedding

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I thought I'd start this thread to find some advice on who's making well-made RTW or MTO waistcoats. I've been looking for a waistcoat to wear at a wedding in July and haven't really found anything exciting - is there anybody out there who is making high-quality waistcoats at a decent price point? Seeing as it's an outdoor wedding - and a relatively informal one, at that - I wouldn't mind something more flamboyant or daring (that can be broken up with casual wear, too), so long as it has a good cut and is well-made.


For the wedding it's going to go with a blue 2-button linen suit so I'm assuming anything navy/grey would work okay. This said, I'm also curious about other possible combos (I really don't wear waistcoats enough...) and open to suggestions about where and what to look for in a great waistcoat - both casual and dress ones. I was looking at or - has anyone tried their products or know of any better alternatives? 

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Here are some other specs that I've been looking for, as well as an idea for a look, if anyone cares to pick up on my first post:

- Colour: dove grey, navy, off-white(?)

- Price: <$250


I saw a couple of pieces on Suitsupply that caught my eye but not sure about their quality when it comes to waistcoats (have a couple of suits from them, and those are both pretty good, but in my experience their other stuff is not as good value for money). Regardless, these are two of their waistcoats that I've been eyeing:

- Option 1:

- Option 2:


If not, the staple look I was thinking about in my original post was something along these lines: - although I wonder if there is any better combo?


Any advice would be much appreciated!

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