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For Sale:
NEW Alden Black Shell Cordovan Boots for Leffot NYC 7.5E

Will Ship To: Continental U.S.

Listed here are a new, unused pair on Alden Hoodoo Boots with crepe soles, from Leffot NYC.  Black shell cordovan.  Size 7.5E, Barrie Last.


I purchased these on 6/2/2016 for $790 with tax. 


Condition:  Brand new, unused with original box, shoe bag and wrapping.  (Only tried on in bedroom for fit).


Fit:  7.5E, Barrie Last ("Barrie Last runs a half size larger than other Alden lasts") .  I wear a 7.5D in Alden Trubalance (8D everywhere else).  The 7.5E fitted fine, with a little room in the width.  I could easily add an insole for a snugger fit, but works fine for me as is.  The shell cordovan is a bit tougher, so the wider fit works for me in this case.


Reason for selling:  These boots are beautiful, but I purchased them prematurely.  Leffot only had one 7.5E and a few other random sizes from a pre-order, so I picked them up on the spot.  I've had my Alden 405s for awhile now and I think I prefer the horween chromexcel over the shell cordovan.  I also have a Context Roy Boot coming in a couple of months.


Price:  $819, plus shipping.  (Ultimately trying to make my $790 back, considering Paypal fees.)


I think this boot has a classic, timeless, understated look.  The unfinished brass hardware is a nice touch.  This style and size are currently not available anywhere else.


Although I am new on Styleforum, I have excellent seller feedback on ebay (user: mthdesign).


Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thank you for viewing.



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