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Hi --


I'll be in Naples for a wedding in late July (live in Toronto).  I'd love to use my time there to get some custom pants, shirts, and, if possible, a suit (to be clear, not for the wedding, just to have!).  I was wondering how much minimum time is required for the various fittings, and what's the minimum I can expect to spend?  I do speak pretty good Italian in case that expands the selection of tailors


My problems are that I'll only be in Naples for sure on July 22 and 23.  I could certainly come back for a day or two the following week, but cannot like hang out for 10 days.  I'm well disposed to coming back in September if it makes sense, though.


I also am on somewhat of a budget.  I think I'd have a hard time paying too much more than 300 USD for pants, 800 USD for a jacket, or 2,000 USD for a suit -- I would if I knew for sure I would love it, but unfortunately you never can tell.


I've been reading these threads especially with interest the Napoli Su Misura thread, but I have a sense it would be a very long slog through them to understand the answers to these specific questions.  If you guys could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful!