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Poll Results: Who wins best rainy weather outfit?

  • 8% (3)
  • 11% (4)
    LA Guy
  • 16% (6)
  • 22% (8)
  • 2% (1)
  • 5% (2)
  • 8% (3)
    In stitches
  • 25% (9)
    Basil rathbone
36 Total Votes  
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The rainwear challenge is over! Thanks to everyone who braved the rain and anonymous internet judgments to provide STYLEFORVM with the glorious content it relies on to survive.

Check out all the entries below and vote for your favorite. Poll will close a week from now.
Originally Posted by Rais View Post

Weather forecast shows a 0% chance of rain for the next 10 days and it is hot as fuck despite being the start of "winter" (thanks Global Warming) so I'll just post some clothes up and a bit of discussion.

The rainy season in Queensland is in the summer months between November and February. Temperatures range from 30 to 40C with 50-90% humidity. Being completely waterproof is essentially worthless because you will be perspiring constantly. Breathability and comfort are a higher priority and a slight water resistance is acceptable for short exposures in the rain. This climate together with the fact that I exercise outdoors nearly every day has me lean more towards activewear than techwear for daily outfits. 

Sub-Tropical Rainy Season Wet Weather Outfit
  • Outerwear: Nike NSW Three Sixty running jacket (extremely light weight, packable, vented back and sleeves, 3M reflective tabs, drawcord adjustable hood and waist)
  • Top: Lululemon running tank (10% silver thread composition for anti-bacterial/anti-odour, mesh panels for breathability, 3M back stripe)
  • Bottom: Rufus Green track pants (100% organic cotton, high breathability, good stretch for exercise, durable, absorbs a good deal of water before soaking through)
  • Footwear: Nike NSW Hypervenom Free (NikeSkin polyurethane upper textile, significantly more water-resistant than FlyKnit or bonded polyester sneakers yet breathable due to perforations, lightweight, Free 3.0 sole has acceptable wet weather performance and grip)

I may post up a cold weather variant of this later, if there is interest.

Wet Weather Backpacks
  • Nike NSW Eugene Cheyenne 2000 (Polyurethane coated waterproof outer, waterproof YKK zippers with metal pulls, shock-resistant padded laptop compartment; this is the best backpack I've ever handled and I've flipped through at least a dozen trying to find a replacement, it is superior in water-resistance to the variant with the front leather panel because of the polyurethane-coated outer; I've worn this for 2 hours+ in a torrential downpour and not a single drop of water got through to the interior)
  • Surplus military backpack (Water-resistant nylon outer, polyurethane coating on the interior of each compartment for water proofing, customised with 3 x Grimloc D-Ring carbingers, 3 x Swivel rotating D-Ring buckle clips and 4 x metal locking clasps; you can get this bag on eBay for $AUD29 in a multitude of colours, it is great value; the zippers are not waterproof but I've worn this in light rain for short under 30 minute commutes and the interior was bone dry thanks to the polyurethane coating)
  • Nike ACG Karst (Slight water resistance with a vinyl outer and panels that cover the non-waterproof YKK zippers; well-padded and good carrying size that will hold up to light rain but nothing serious)

Something fun I picked up
I got this in a few days ago. It's a screen used costume piece worn by Federal Police officers in Total Recall (2012). Not the best film, but I enjoyed the set and visuals in the first half of the movie that took place in a dystopian Australia. It's a costume piece so the stitching is horrible but it's been constructed to be very durable since it was used in action scenes by the extras to be placed over their armor. It has YKK Vislon zippers and the outer is transparent PVC vinyl, so it is completely water proof (but obviously not breathable). I took a couple quick photos before I left to work today.

Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Kijima Takayuki hat
Norwegian Rain Rive Gauche raincoat in black herringbone
Momtaro indigo and black jeans
Guidi 988 boots
bunch of stuff you can't possibly see.

And yes, it's raining

Originally Posted by troika View Post

The sun woke us early on Thursday morning. Still not used to 4am sunrises and the noises that come with it. Our small cabin was on the edge of Kravikfjorden, it truly is awesome in the most literal sense.

The sun rays were just starting to burn off the fog and low hanging clouds as we packed up our rental car, getting ready for the next leg of our road trip from Oslo to Bergen. We were warned about the weather, but it's been too pleasant. After the minimal "winter" of Northern California, I was ready for gloom and rain.

Before we set off, I had to try out my new tenkara fly fishing rod. If there were any fish, they were scared away by my sloppy technique.

This next leg of our journey took us straight through the Hardanger national park and the glacier. There was no rain, but it did start snowing for a bit. No match to the stutterheim rain coat that I brought with me in hopes of a downpour.

Currently sitting in the Bergen airport on National Day, I think about how the whole country looks like Yosemite, and every road like Highway 1. It must be very easy for Norwegians to become jaded with international travel.

Bonus pics!

Glacier selfie

Norwegian National Day procession passing our front door in Bergen

Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Imagine the rain. It's out there somewhere.

Slack off the main sheet and head into the wind...

American Trench/Frank Leder/Epaulet/Luxire/Oldblue Co./Rider Boot

Originally Posted by happyriverz View Post

In the tropical section of a conservatory: but it was raining outside. 

Norwegian Rain, H&M jeans, AE boots. 

Originally Posted by rjbman View Post

Imagine the jacket is zipped and it's pretty much my go-to rain outfit

Originally Posted by troika View Post

Quick follow up from Iceland with actual rain

Freezing cold rain overlooking a volcanic crater. Wearing 5 layers cuz my skeleton is an icicle

After hiking down to a waterfall through the rain

Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

Just for fun, old pic taken in the rain...


Monitaly / EG / Niche

Originally Posted by basil rathbone View Post

Late submission! Disgustingly rainy/cold day today in Vancouver. 

Photographer thinks shes funny playing with apps while serious fit picing is going on (Click to show)

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Don't vote for my photos, was just throwing those up to get things started. Nice job hosting this, zxcvbn. I thought it was a great challenge idea, pity it didn't get more response.

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Gonna bump this as its been the better part of a week now! Voooote.
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Originally Posted by zxcvbn View Post

Gonna bump this as its been the better part of a week now! Voooote.

Just did my civic duty.

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I guess I should have voted for myself... smile.gif
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Congrats @basil rathbone! Every entry was worthy of winning, and you all looked monsoon season ready. Thanks for participating to all those involved.

I'm not sure if SWD is all challenged out or if my challenge was just shitty. your thoughts?
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The weather is warming up and this was kind of a niche challenge dependent on external factors. I loved seeing the fits, I think these are fun even if we just get a couple good entries!!
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Hey neat, thanks all. Now what? 

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@basil rathbone you make the next challenge
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