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Sunglasses Lense colors?

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What types of rules for choosing lense colors with your shades? There are lots of articles about matching  your facial shape to the shape of your sunglasses but not so much about the lense colors.


I was thinking black/dark green for more formal and serious. Amber/Brown for more casual/relaxed. Mirrored lenses for something really playful and super casual..


What are your thoughts?

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I prefer grey lenses. Grey is much more color-neutral than are green, brown, amber, etc. (which is why photographic neutral density filters are grey, and not some other color), and I like keeping color shift to a minimum.

Of course, some people may believe that the color distortion is beneficial, and can provide valuable contrast in certain conditions, which explains some of the popularity of amber sunglass lenses, particularly for driving. (Yellow/amber was traditionally used as a filter color in black and white photography, to enhance the contrast between blue sky - which it darkened - and clouds. It was a bit more realistic than the even more exaggerated contrast provided by a #25 red filter.)

But in any case, choose lens color based primarily on the optical properties you're after. Not on whether you (probably mistakenly) believe a certain color will make you look more relaxed, or playful, or more like a really hoopy frood who knows where his towel is.

As for mirrored lenses, they'll make you look like a 1970's motorcycle cop, which most people wouldn't deem a plus, but maybe you hang out with fans of the tv show CHiPs. Unless you have a specific need for the advantages of mirrored lenses, I'd say they're best avoided.
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Well this is style forums, not vision forums, and I was asking about lense colors from a style perspective.

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When I first began acquiring sunglasses, I became enamored with the idea of matching lens color to clothing color/style. It didn't take long to realize that the look was to matchy-matchy.
Instead, I like to focus on quality and fit.

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I would agree. From a style standpoint only: Black and dark green are formal /serious. Amber and brown can be dressed up or down. For mirrored sunglasses - when I see guys in Asia wear them I think they look really juvenile, especially if it's not a sporty setting. I personally stay away from them. 

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Hi, I don't know about the exact rules of choosing the lens color, but the basic things for choosing the color is according to the activity you do or the weather condition. So I can suggest you the black\dark green lens as this color will protect your eye from the sun rays. I have also preferred that one for the same condition. And I had visited many online websites for this lens color and at last I have discovered this which offers the UV400 protection lens sunglasses.

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I prefer brown. I have two pairs of sunglasses, both Wayfarers; one pair green lenses and the other brown polarized
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