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The drink of choice for Styleforum members.


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It's similar to the fruit cups you get in LA, but the juice is left in. Refreshing on a hot Sicilian day.
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Granita di limone o di fragola?

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Fragola. È tipica Messinese?
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The classic Messinese granita (crushed ice drink) are coffee and cream,lemmon (with juice of real lemmons),and fragola (strawberry) often with cream.

Other types are mandorla (almond) and pistachio,

A real delight is the granita of mulberry,and the granita of peach (In Panarea Island add malvasia wine..a nectar).

You can eat these granite with a brioche.

Granita in Catania is a little different; more iced and dense.



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Where is this fruit drink and what it is called please? I'm having lunch after the fitting.
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Ask Pippo where you can get granita di caffe; he'll walk you there.
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Is called "granita",and is in East Sicily and Eolian Island (in Messina the best granita of coffee,lemmon and strawberry).

Is not a drink,but a middle way between a drink and a  pudding.

There is not a time for eat (eat,not drink) it; you can ask for a granita in the morning for breakfast,or after lunch or dinner as dessert,or in the afternoon simple for gluttony.


Others speciality of Messina ( after good tailors and granita) is the focaccia,a relative of pizza,but with a different taste,





Others things that make the life sweet in this quiet (and a bit nicely  idle ) city are a fantastic cocktails and appetizers (for exemple go to Bar Lombardo and call for a "saigon cocktail").very fine confectioneries and excellent food.



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What's this drink Pippo is having (lower left corner)? It's full of chopped fresh fruit.
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Slammin' jacket

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Too late, I'm now in Cefalu.
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Originally Posted by UrbanComposition View Post

What's this drink Pippo is having (lower left corner)? It's full of chopped fresh fruit.

Is a frappè of fruits.


Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post

Too late, I'm now in Cefalu.

I was in the Arrigo shop this afternoon.

I see your "Prince o Walles" linen DB,and the charcoal SB two buttons coat.

Very beautiful.

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Well,about Messina considered a trip in this airy,quiet city, lagerly rebuilt (after the 1908 earthquake) in pleasent early XX style,with large tree-lined streets.

Food is excellent,landscape wonderful (the strait of Messina is called "the Italian Bosphorus"),beach is great,crime rate very low, prices reasonables, and in the neighborhood we have the Ganzirri sea-Lake,the beautiful Milazzo door of Eolian Island and Taormina.

And,of course the tailors.

Tailors in Messina are several;ask to Signor De Pasquale,the owner of  fabrics shop about information.


I quote some: already know it.

Is our Anderson & Sheppard: drape,natural shoulders,soft (but NOT NEAPOLITAN) construction.


Briguglio...well.. our Dege & Skinner :p

Clean chest,clean construction,a great sharp single breasted,and a neat double breasted too.


Epifanio worked in a little and humble shop..but is the master of overcoats...great chesterfield,raglan  and guards overcoats.


Giovanni Cinturrino is mister classic; a beautiful very classic single and double breasted suit


The Gorgone brothers make a soft construction suit.


Galletta & Rasà offer a impeccable,traditional suit.


Masi Di Pane make a well built structured suit and the best trousers in Messina.


About Messina Sleevehead write:



I also provide further editorial commentary and information on one of the cities in particular, Messina. There, within a three block radius, you'll find a fully stocked fabric shop featuring well-known Italian cloths such as Drapers, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Cacciapoli and others, as well as a trimmings/linings shop and a button shop. Once you add a few tailors located nearby, all you need to do is mix and stir and you're all set for a complete tailoring experience. All within a few minutes walking distance of each other.

This miniature, walkable ecosystem of tailors and suppliers used to be commonplace in small towns and cities across Italy but now is very rare. It's actually difficult to find this configuration anywhere else in the world (in the West especially) with the exception of Savile Row. Mentioning Messina and Savile Row in the same breath is certainly not something I would have imagined before.


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This is so great. Thanks for the inside scoop.

@chobochobo did you take any pics of the fitting?
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