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LF Messenger bag color advice

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Hi, guys. I'm looking to buy a leather messenger bag and found this kickstarter campaign:

I really like this bag, but i'm not sure about the color. I usually dress business casual to work (brown dress shoes, dark jeans/wool trousers, ocbd, peacoat) and casual outside of work (white tees, jeans, white sneakers, black leather jacket). 

I'm thinking vintage brown color is more versatile and i can use it in both cases, but it's a little boring. I really like rum brown, but don't want to end up with bag that does not fit my style. What do you guys think? What color would you get?


P.S. Sorry for my english, it's far from perfect yet, but i'm getting there.

Photos to save you some time browsing campaign:

Rum brown:

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I would go with the vintage brown.

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For versalitlity: vintage brown. But you're going to have this for a while and I think (based on the pics you shared) that the rum brown is really speaking to you. I can share from experience that a lighter colored leather will require more maintenance to keep it from looking too beat up. But if you're willing to deal with that then that rum color is going take on a lot of character and look pretty sweet as it ages.
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Thanks for the answers, guys. Its so hard to decide rrrrr! I really like rum brown color, but can't see wearing it without bag being out of place.

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