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Black (charcoal?) pin strip

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I dropped off a donation at Salvation Army & got a gift card so decided I'd look around. Couldn't resist buying the suit below. 


The problem is - it's arguably black - and I do want it for work. However, it doesn't seem "stark" to me, maybe because of the pin strip. 


That's it below, with a black undershirt inserted for contrast. Accurate color representation is notoriously hard in pictures but I did my best, there is some direct sun in the first picture. When I put my charcoal suit alongside, this one does appear black.


Viable or not so much? Worst case I'll just re-donate it back to Salvation Army, no big deal.



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If the fit is good and the quality is good you may be able to use it at funerals or court. I picked up a brand new Samuelson in black with grey subdued stripes. I work in government so I will use the suit for meetings. That being said I will probably never buy another because charcoal grey does everything a black suit does but better. I would not put a lot of tailoring dollars into it, for sure.

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I was hoping someone would say the pinstripes make it marginally more acceptable for business use... :butbut:

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