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Where Should I Buy My First Suit?

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Hey everyone, I'm thinking about buying my first suit. I know some of the important things like materials, canvased, and fit but I don't know where to go and get a quality suit. Does anyone have any recommendations. I'm in the Columbus, Ohio area currently.


Also, because of my inexperience with tailors, is it strange to go to a tailor just to ask if there is anything that can be done alterations wise without knowing any specific points about the item that should be changed?

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How about a place like Godfry's (  They have a wide range of brands for you to try, and you can get a good idea of what looks good on you and what you prefer.  When you go to a tailor re. alterations - make sure it is someone who knows what they are doing, and allow them to educate you, rather than trying to spell everything out from things you've looked up on the internet or had us answer here.  


Styleforum, and frankly, any internet site, is good for getting started on, for finding out bits and pieces of information, and to discuss a fun subject with fellow enthusiasts, but having someone really guide you through things in real life is invaluable, as is experience.  


One thing that I would suggest for sure - for your first suit, get something in standard navy or charcoal, that has a fairly standard cut, and work up from there.  Do not skimp on the price, but don't splurge either.  There will be time for splurging and for saving when you have more experience, deeper knowledge, and a strong understanding of your personal style.

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Thanks so much, I didn't even know about them. I really appreciate the advice!

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If I were you and I was you 10yrs ago I would go to Brooks Brothers and have a look at their suits. Depending on your budget and size you can go with an 1818 model off the rack in either of the their 4 suit model fits. Or the fully canvassed Golden Fleece models.

Also their Suitting Essentials are a good option if you are looking to save money. They have a MTM program as well however those suits will cost you $1,800 to start and seeing this is your 1st suit I would not recommend it unless you have the money to spare.

The most important thing is to define your fit. Talk to the SA and the tailor during your visit and tell them exactly how you want it to fit they should be able to walk you through the process and make recommendations to achieve your desired fit and fabric.

As stated before I would go with navy or charcoal for your first suit. You can find BB at Polaris.
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