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Help with shoe selection

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I'm one of those folks that hates [HATES.] to wear black shoes with blue suits. Well, occasionally, I am forced to do it. I am in a wedding in November. The wedding starts at 6, which will be dark by then. The groomsmen are wearing dark suits of their choice. Mine is navy blue with light blue pinstripes. I want to wear my C&J Weymouths, but they are of course chestnut and not black. Is this okay to do at a wedding? The wedding is not formal, and the groom will be wearing a dark suit as well. I turn to you all, my esteemed colleagues, for guidance...
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in this case, personally, I would wear what the other groomsmen are wearing. If they're all wearing black shoes that's what I would wear as well. Just my opinion.
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Chestnut shoes with a blue pinstripe strike me a just too jaunty and sporty for an evening wedding in November--probably fine for a spring or summer garden wedding, though. A very dark brown ought be okay with ensemble you describe...or so it seems to me, for what ever that's worth (about the proverbial 2 cents. .
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I try to blend in as much as possible at a wedding. It's not an occasion for peacocking in my opinion so I would go with black shoes if that's what the other groomsmen will be wearing.
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