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The match up: Cad & the Dandy fully bespoke vs. Suitsupply's "Made to Measure" option, taking value for money into account.


I live in Washington, DC and am looking to buy another suit this summer.  I am visiting London for a wedding and am thinking of buying another suit from Cad & the Dandy.  I got a MTM suit from them in 2013 which I think fits well but could use some tweaks and am considering purchasing a fully bespoke suit from them when I visit London.  The catch is that I can only visit them once, so will need them to make a toile baste from my previous measurements and use that for the "fitting" when I visit, then choose my fabrics and have them make it straight to finish from there.


However, I have recently been paying more attention to Suitsupply, who have a location in my city.  They get good reviews generally and I am wondering if this forum has opinions on how they compare to C&tD, taking value for your money into account.


I greatly value attention to special directions in styling.  I have conservative taste in suits, as I work in a conservative profession, but I like my suits fitted.  Just looking for quality and value.


Cad & the Dandy's option would be more expensive (I think we're looking at a range of approx $1,500-1,800 USD vs. Suitsupply's approx $1,000), but I'm trying to decide if the difference in quality would be equivalent to the difference in price, especially given the convenience of having a Suitsupply in my city if there are any problems with the order, etc.


Any thoughts?  

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