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Cerruti 1881 Suits/Jackets

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Does anyone have advice on the quality of the Cerruti 1881 suits and jackets (materials, construction, etc.)?  I have seen some old threads claiming that they are pretty good quality, but I'm wondering if anything has changed in the last 5-10 years.


I noticed some Cerruti 1881 suits on Gilt and some other sites for pretty reasonable prices (in the $300's) and was wondering if they'd be worth it.  One site I saw was claiming that the jackets are all half-canvassed.


If you could compare current-day Cerrutti 1881 to another better-known brand, what would you compare it to?  Is it in line with Hugo Boss, or better than that?  Samuelsohn? Canali? Brooks Brothers?  Something else?


For purposes of this thread, let's assume the fit is fine and I'd have it altered as necessary. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I'd say that they are quite average, and outlet fodder. I had a jacket many moons ago.
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The last time I saw a Cerruti suit was close to a decade ago, at a Neiman Marcus in Boston. At that time, iirc, the jackets were half canvas and iirc, about $900 at retail. Not a bad suit. I wasn't blown away by anything, but I certainly would have gotten one at a few hundred. I'd compare them to Samuelsohn, I suppose.
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Until it started to fade and wear, my favourite jacket of all time was a Cerruti 1881 dark blue ventless, three button jacket in a beautiful soft yet thick wool. Beautifully cut, and a perfect fit, with perfect drape. They may have changed in recent years, but they certainly were of excellent quality.

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