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Good to know that this forum is for everyone. And yes, I may sound obnoxious, but realize that I missed work, my son missed having a suit. We are on a very tight time budget. Essentially we wont have the time, due to our schedules to get 2 nice suits. I would have had NO PROBLEMS with Wendy, if she said initially when she made the appo,  that she would not come to my place. But she was the one who said that she would come. Then at the last minute she changed her story. If in the beginning she told me, she did not feel comfortable coming to my house I would say Ok, and find someone else for today. 


Please make no mistake Houston is a very diverse place, a large city and I would not have any problems getting someone if I had the time to. Also, I think this sort of prejudice is out of place in my city, Houston. And esp I posted this so no one in my situation get burned by Wendy. There are plenty of other stylist who would have been perfect

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This thread delivers. Please go on.
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you are correct for being upset.

I do not know what transpired between the time the appointment was made and the cancellation.

the first response on this thread was from GBR.
He is a troll. Adds nothing to any discussion.

Political affiliations or race and skin color should have nothing to do with this discussion.

Hopefully, Hiburn will respond.
In general, the reps are not that good.
The quality of the shirts is only fair.
I do not know anything about the suits.

Houston is filled with
custom clothing options.
I am assuming your son may be difficult to fit.

good luck getting him some clothing.

My last comment is, he is old enough to pick out his own clothing.
Even if you plan to pay for it.
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