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I was reading through the posts since my last one and noticed that someone mentioned IFN Modern no longer sold their chair in the United States. I checked their webpage and that is indeed true - "Ships only within Canada". Bummer - I love mine and I honestly think it's the best reproduction I've ever seen - can't imagine one better. 


But on to the topic at hand - originally I'd also considered Manhattan Home Design and boy am I glad I didn't choose them. I visited their showroom on Monday while in NYC. It's a tiny little office on the 15th floor with 4 chairs in it and a messy office space. Much smaller "showroom" than I expected. As for the Lounge Chair? It looked cheap: the leather on the floor model was the standard leather and felt and looked rough. No tilt. The chair itself wasn't comfortable like the IFN, actually rather hard. The wood on the inside wasn't veneered, just rough and unfinished. Also, deep tufting was almost non-existent. Not worth the $1000+ they're charging, not at all.