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Advice for a MTM sportscoat

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All, I am looking to have a MTM sports jacket made, with this as the inspiration:

I have a couple places in my city that do Hart Schaffner Marx, Samuelsohn, on up in terms of makers. There's also a Q Clothier that does full bespoke, but I don't know anyone with personal experience there. I'm also not certain I need to do full bespoke, as my intention is to wear the jacket 2/3 of the time with jeans and the remainder with odd trousers.

My price range is 500-800, hopefully. I can go a bit above that, but for something to be worn casually, I'm not sure I need to.

My questions are:

1. I prefer a thicker (in terms of cloth) jacket that is unlined or 3/8 lined like a Brooks Brothers jacket I have. Do you think this is a good approach for longevity and comfort, or should I get it lined?

2. What advice would you offer for fitting and feature selection? This is my first MTM, and am looking for 3/2 roll, patch pockets, and double vents. I prefer a natural, soft shoulder. Anything else to look for?

3. What alternatives would you suggest for maker? Are there any decent online options to consider?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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Yes you can have a partial lining. I get that on just about all of my jackets. You have listed many good features.

The price of your MTM will be determined by the fabric you choose. At $800 you will be limited to certain basic fabrics.

So much of a MTM success or failure is a result of the sales associate who does the measuring and who recommends and suggests the various options. I would visit the various retailers and tailors and have them show you something with the cut and features you will want on your jacket. Don't fall for " Oh sure, we can get you that". Be sure they have done a lot of these. You dont want to be their first.

Often retailers will have trunk shows with someone from the factory on hand to measure and make suggestions. That would be an ideal way to go.
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Thank you, I hadn't considered looking for a trunk show, but that may be a very good idea. I think you're right about price vs fabric, and I'm willing to go up a bit to make sure I get what I want. Thanks.
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