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Cloth recommendations for a Men's two piece single breasted suit.

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Hi All


Each year I go abroad and sometimes I have suits made to my sizing, style and cloth requirements.  One of the hazards of this is that I have to trust the supplier to supply a good quality cloth.  I am no expert on cloth so this means I really have to trust the seller to be honest with me.  This never seems to have gone wrong.


However, next time I have a suit made I am considering supplying the cloth myself.  The tailor has agreed to this.  Therefore I would appreciate some help with the following questions before I approach a UK based cloth supplier for cloth selection.


1.  I would ideally like some guidance on the types of cloth (including material, weight etc) that above anything hang wells and looks beautiful, I need advice on cloths that are not necesarily hard wearing (worn perhaps once a month) and are dark in colour (preferably a solid black or a variation on solid black).


2.  I suppose everyone wants a suit cloth made by an established manufacturer,  I of course would like this if possible but thoughts would be appreciated on an alternative cloth to a pricey brand that is similar in quality but at a lower price.


3.  I need a sufficient quantity of cloth for a gents 2 piece single breasted suit in a 38 inch chest and 34 waist.  I probably need some spare in case they manufacture the suit in a different way abroad than they do in the UK.  I would therefore like some ideas on the sizing of cloth I would require for such a suit.


No doubt responses to this thread will also detail that the cut, design and a number of other factors will have an effect on the looks and how the cloth hangs, however, I do want to at least go abroad with a good cloth.



Many thanks






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3.5m should be more than enough.

I think minnis fresco travels well and can be purchased directly from Huddersfield.

Avoid black. Navy and gray.
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Many thanks for your help and assistance.  I have made contact with Huddersfield.


I have been advised by a local tailor that he is a fan of Loro Piana,  I would appreciate your thoughts on whether any of their cloths would be suitable for my requirements








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LP is by and large excellent and offers a very expansive range of fabrics.

Could you elaborate on your requirements (e.g. your travels take you to hot climates)
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What is the quality of versace loafers?
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many thanks for your help so far.


I have perhaps been a bit unclear in my OP.  I travel abroad once a year which is where I get the suit made.  After manufacture, the suit will only be worn in the UK perhaps only 12 times a year and always in summer.


As I mentioned, how the suit hangs and looks is the primary concern for this suit, I am not really looking for durability or warmth etc

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There are few better wool fabrics for summer than fresco. So I'd go with them over LP (which again, makes great stuff).


As far as what drapes well...I like fresco because it is a little stiff. But you might ask that question in the Unfunded Liabilities Thread in the Classic Menswear section of this forum. That thread is entirely dedicated to fabrics.

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It really depends on the style and fit of the suit you want.  If you have a regular tailor overseas, maybe contact him and ask him whether the cloth you are thinking of (say, the frescos that @Claghorn suggested) would work for CMT, and for suggestions.


I know that tailors and shirtmakers do get frustrated when a client insists on either some detail or some cloth is that is not suitable for the style, or perhaps for the client.

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Well, doesn't Loro Piana make quite a range of fabrics? I'm not too familiar with their product line, but I should imagine that they have some summer-weight suitings. I have one suit made from a Loro Piana "Four Seasons" Super 120 smooth worsted. It has held up well over 12 years although I haven't worn it often.
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