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Waterproof dress shoes

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Living in the Greater Toronto area, I face a number of elements that can destroy my footwear (snow, rain, slush, combo of the 3 and salt and mud).


Instead of just spraying my beloved dress shoes that I take care of, and try to keep for years, I have 5 pairs of waterproof dress shoes:


1. Ecco Berlin (Goretex);

2. Rockport (Waterproof);

3. Geox Alex (Amphibiox);

4. Florsheim;

5. Cole Haan Air Winslow.


Each pair came fully waterproof. I spray them twice a year to ensure that they stay that way. None have failed me. My favourite are definitely the Eccos, though the Florsheim and Cole Haan come close.

Unfortunately, none of them are made in US or UK. None of them are Goodyear welted. I suspect that within a few years, they will have to be resoled, or thrown away.


For significant snow/slush, I use Swims (overshoe and mobster) or I just throw on my hiking boots, and bring dress shoes to office/work.


What do other aficionados here do?

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We aficionados often prefer Veldtschoen construction for our wet weather wear:

For a high end version from Edward Green:
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Depends how bad it is:

Drizzle or light snow? My shoes can handle them without melting.
Regular rain or snow? I have overshoes or I wear my bluchers (yes, I have Veldt) with Dainite/lub/commando.
Thunderstorm? Wellies.
Snowstorm? I have no-frill snow boots for that (Columbia).

I'm in NYC so there's much more walking. If you're driving to work, I'm sure overshoes will get you through most foul weather. Although I have nice shoes/boots, I tend to go the cheaper route when it comes to foul-weather snow footwear, with the expectation that the salt will eventually work through the uppers and ruin them.
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Actually the better route would be to go with Zug because of its thicker waxier nature.

But I agree with @SuitedDx for the most part when it's really nasty the cheaper route for obvious reasons is the way to go.
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@dddrees, have your Zug Galways shrunk yet? All the foul wear must lead to some shrinking? smile.gif

Speaking of being cheap, I had a pair of Alfred Sargent Kelsos in Zug made for me. It's 1/3 of the price of the Galways so I can't complain. I tried to get C&J to make a Snowdon Zug but they are hesitant to have another run due to the faux toe.
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