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tuxedo with tall waistband - no cummerbund?

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Hi, I have a specific black tie question, and I've trawled the threads without finding an exact answer.


I just bought a dinner suit with a tall, satin waistband on the pants. Certainly not cummerbund height, but taller than normal-- roughly 4". The rise on the pants is sufficient, and they fit well enough that without a cummerbund, no shirt appears below the button on the jacket.


I want to dress traditionally, in general, though I'm not a total stickler. 

The question is-- cummerbund or no cummerbund? In most situations, I'd wear the cummerbund, but with the larger waistband, I wonder if it looks a bit redundant and busier than intended.


Yes, I should send pics. But it's at the tailor at the moment. So, I've included a picture of bond in thuderball, which isn't wildly different (mine is a bit more understated-- just looks like smooth satin, hooks behind it on the side, so it's an unbroken, clean line. And it goes unbroken to the top of the pants waist).




Please let me know your thoughts!


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From your description, the trousers that you purchased are designed to eliminate the need for a waist covering. The idea of a cummerbund or a waistcoat is to cover the waistband of the trousers and hide the end of the braces, if worn. It's pretty much up to you if you think the faux-cummerbund works for you. There's presumably no reason you couldn't wear a cummerbund with such trousers, but I couldn't honestly say.

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Hi, Andy- thanks for the feedback. That's basically what I thought, but I wanted to tap the wisdom of the crowd here. So I really really appreciate your taking time out.

I'm inclined to use the pants as designed and ditch the cummerbund. It looks really sleek and clean without omitting the waist covering function or look.

Part of my logic is that I was lucky to get a very lovely vintage suit- bespoke, timeless cut and touches (great braiding, etc), tons of handwork, great cloth and a super substantial feel--from some tasteful gentleman, who happened to be almost precisely my size when he had it made 40 years ago! I trust the combination of the thoughtfully crafted design, my eye, and this great community's feedback... I've floated this trial balloon to see if everyone shamed me into the traditional cummerbund!! I'm really grateful for your response
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