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For Sale: 46 TRAD/IVY TIES! Langrock, Holland & Holland, Madras, Linen, Dunhill, Brooks Bros., Talbott, Welch & Margetson, Gucci, more! SOME FREE--including Dunhill and Rooster! :) FREE SHIPPING, OFFERS WELCOME!

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For Sale:
46 TRAD/IVY TIES! Langrock, Holland & Holland, Madras, Linen, Dunhill, Brooks Bros., Talbott, Welch & Margetson, Gucci, more! SOME FREE--including Dunhill and Rooster! :) FREE SHIPPING, OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a series of beautiful ties to pass on today, including some beauties from Holland & Holland, Langrock, Brooks Brothers, and Dunhill.

As always, I offer FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING in the USA; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

Also as always, ALL OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME, especially on two or more ties!

NB: Unless otherwise noted, all ties are in excellent condition.

GROUP 1: Regimentals


1) Vintage red-label Jos. A. Banks. 3 1/4". The old, good kind. This has a minor rub on the back edge of the tip of the blade, and so is in Very Good condition only. Hence, just $10.


th_DSC03255_zpssvbmyate.jpg th_DSC03257_zpsxrquf7y4.jpg

2) Nautica. A lovely, standard regimental tie. 3 1/4". $10.


th_DSC03252_zpsscvgjmhb.jpg th_DSC03253_zpsgojeagb9.jpg

3) Raleigh's. A classsic tradly regimental, perfect for summer poplin! This has the start of a rub to the back of the hem which can't be seen at all when worn, and in any case is almost unnoticeable; some minor disbalance to the blade, hence just Very Good condition, and so just $10.


th_DSC03259_zpsr8lj8yfy.jpg th_DSC03260_zpsc4e9fgd3.jpg

4) Vintage Brooks Brothers Makers in the classic No. 1 stripe and color! 3 1/8" Excellent condition. $15.


th_DSC03264_zpsxtbpydfc.jpg th_DSC03265_zps7sptc1su.jpg

5) Princeton University Store, in Princeton colours! 3 3/4". $14.


th_DSC03267_zpsel7ober8.jpg th_DSC03268_zps3roho052.jpg th_DSC03269_zps01frjjds.jpg

6) Chaps by Ralph Lauren. 3 5/8". Perfect colouring for a summer poplin sit, or seersucker jacket! $10.


th_DSC03271_zpsl8zvhmjr.jpg th_DSC03272_zpskihr9v7u.jpg

7) H. Freeman of Philadelphia. A rare H. Freeman tie! 3 3/4". Excellent condition; the apparent discoloration to the cream stripes is just glare! $12.


th_DSC03274_zps2hsrsuy8.jpg th_DSC03275_zps6gokmnlu.jpg

8) Vintage Jos. A Banks. Another tie that would be perfect with seersucker or a tan poplin suit! A classic No.1 stripe. 3 1/4". $13.


th_DSC03277_zpstc3a7bac.jpg th_DSC03278_zpsr11yzzb0.jpg

9) Brooks Brothers. This is stamped with a star on the back of the blade in the knot area; I believe from this and the label that this is a Brooks Brothers second, although there's no keeper and I can't find any flaws. It is a lovely, classic tie, 3 5/8", and just $12.


th_DSC03280_zpsxuem5cue.jpg th_DSC03281_zpscxrmgdzm.jpg

10) ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! This is a gorgeous summer tie from Dunhill. Made in England, this is 77% silk and 23% linen. Lovely! 3 /58". $18.


th_DSC03283_zps4h5wfi76.jpg th_DSC03285_zpsdshxcxc8.jpg th_DSC03286_zpslnjxdn7v.jpg

11) Silk organzine warp and skein dyed; this is a lovely vintage tie from Bert Pulitzer! It has the very start of a rub on the left side of the leading edge of the tip of the blade, hence juts Very Good condition. 3 1/2". $9.



12) Manzini collection. A lovely tie, perfect for poplin! Imported, just like Brooks would say! smile.gif 3 5/8". $10.


th_DSC03291_zpsuobav7n2.jpg th_DSC03292_zpsqcycscby.jpg

GROUP 2: Various summer-appropriate ties

13) Land's End regimental. A lovely classic regimental stripe, perfect for poplin! 3 1/8". $10.


th_DSC03295_zpstgnepdch.jpg th_DSC03296_zpsnbi9b3bh.jpg

14) Brooks Brothers paisley. Perfect for tan or green cotton poplin suits! 3 5/8". Fabric printed in Italy; tie made in the USA. $12.


th_DSC03298_zps8sestxk0.jpg th_DSC03299_zpsgclkfmq0.jpg

15) Brooks Brothers Basics. A wonderful summer trellis pattern! As far as I can tell there's no difference between the Basics and the Makers lines from Brooks. 3 5/8. This has a tiny smudge in the knot area, hence just $12.


th_DSC03301_zps1fzn5jqk.jpg th_DSC03302_zpsflqizjut.jpg th_DSC03303_zpsgeyykvev.jpg

16) Camilla Smith New York tie; a lovely, classic muted orange tie in slubby silk from the boutique house of Camilla Smith. This would be perfect with both poplin in summer and tweed in Fall! Intentionally slubby and slightly wrinkled, this is linen-esque silk! 5 3/4". $12.


th_DSC03306_zpsgjwb9tcw.jpg th_DSC03307_zpsmyfg9beo.jpg th_DSC03308_zpsybtoqzmk.jpg

17) Vintage Brooks Brothers. Lovely for summer! 3 1/4". SIlk woven in Switzerland; tie Made in the USA. $15.


th_DSC03310_zpsbd1qf3ea.jpg th_DSC03311_zps8e4yojde.jpg

18) Holland & Holland, London. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Made for THE premier London gunsmith, thi beautiful tie was hand made in England, and features hares. This is beautiful, and is in excellent condition. It cost a fortune new, but here it's just $22. 3 1/2".



th_DSC03313_zpsagbtizsj.jpg th_DSC03318_zpsfmmh8sox.jpg

19) Toye, Kenning, Spencer of London. Tie made exclusively for the Royal Regatta at Henley. Founded in 1685 and still owned and run by the Toye family, this firm specializes in making regalia, especially for Guilds, universities, and Freemasons. They supply the Royal Family with appropriate items! 3 3/8". Polyester. $12.



th_DSC03319_zpshwryyj4r.jpg th_DSC03322_zpsjkerpwxj.jpg

20) LIberty of London. Founded in 1875, specializes in beautiful and whimsical fabrics. Made in England. Beautiful! 3 1/2". $14.



GROUP 3: Assorted summer appropriate tie!


21) Madras. Made by G. J. Cahn, of Brooklyn, NY. A lovely classic madras tie in beautiful sepia tones or purple, rose, and cream. 3 3/4". $13.


th_DSC03331_zpsfezbiddk.jpg th_DSC03332_zpsbljl5aco.jpg

22) Vintage Burberry's tie. made in England--tennis racquets and balls! A lovely tie, perfect for the preppy summer. 3 5/8". $12.


DSC03335_zpsdl1hdq9a.jpg th_DSC03336_zpsr3affpjm.jpg

23) Madras. made by G. J. Cahn, of Brooklyn, NY. A lovely tie in whimsical seafoam green and tea-rose pink. Some wrinkling in knot area, hence just Very Good condition, and so just $10. 3 1/2".


th_DSC03338_zpsobjxxfj2.jpg th_DSC03339_zpsizxscbei.jpg

24) A TRAD/IVY GRAIL! Absolutely gorgeous slubby silk twill broken bone herringbone tie from Langrock, THE premier trad. clothiers! So famous is Langrock that even its labels are collector's items. This tie is absolutely gorgeous; made in Italy exclusively for Langrock, this is in excellent condition, and is absolutely beautiful. 3 3/8". Asking just $24.





25) Ben Silver. Absolutely gorgeous, this does have some very minor wrinkling, and so is in Very Good/Excellent condition. This was extremely expensive new, but here it's just $19. 3 5/16". Beautiful and luxurious!




26) Christian Dior. All silk. A classic summer tie. 4". $9.


th_DSC03350_zpso6bvg8sf.jpg th_DSC03351_zpsn118f3ui.jpg

27) Gant. 100% LINEN! A gorgeous summer tie is a beautiful green. 3". $16.


th_DSC03353_zpskr8cok3h.jpg th_DSC03354_zpso8gjirlo.jpg

28) Garrick Anderson. Palm trees emblematic. This is wonderful, with both the stylized palm trees and the deep iridescent green background giving this lovely tie a very 1950s/early 1960s feel! 3 3/4". $12.


th_DSC03355_zpslr8ohubg.jpg th_DSC03358_zps4kki6axy.jpg

29) Ugo Bassi. Made in Italy. Cabbages and beets! A lovely whimsical tie. 3 5/8". $14.


th_DSC03360_zpsw2fnem2l.jpg th_DSC03361_zpscuk5d166.jpg th_DSC03362_zpsj3w3kstp.jpg

GROUP 5: More Regimentals!

30) This tie was made in Great Britain by Welch, Margetson & Co. of London, one of the premier shirtmakers in London, which also specialized in ties. Founded in 1824, this firm closed in 1963.... which means that this tie is likely late 1950s. It was originally sold by Langrock of Princeton, THE bastion of the American Ivy Style. It still carries all of its Langrock labels, which note that it was made for Langrock's by Welch, Margetson. It has some memory in the knot area, and so is in Very Good condition. 3 3/16". $15.


th_DSC02801_zpsw5xhz8sn.jpg th_DSC02800_zpsxdat3po1.jpg th_DSC02799_zpsxzetw2t3.jpg th_DSC02798_zps69irgu0r.jpg

31) Husband's Corner was an upscale menswear store based in Florida, with a branch in Lake Placid, NY. It was founded in 1969, and folded before 1992, when its trademark became defunct. This is a lovely classic Talbott tie that retains its HC label. This is 3 1/4", and originally retailed for $10--back when $10 was worth something! Excellent condition. $14.


th_DSC02805_zpsgjgbspfa.jpg th_DSC02804_zpswqsn3tuh.jpg th_DSC02803_zpsdra4hkfv.jpg

32) Robert Talbott. Genuine regimental tie: The Highgate School of England, founded in 1565. Excellent condition. 3 3/4". $13.


th_DSC02808_zpsyljpdjgg.jpg th_DSC02807_zpse4czbujf.jpg

33) Robert Talbott. Genuine regimental tie: The Lothians and Border Horse cavalry regiment of Scotland. Excellent condition. 3 3/4". $14


th_DSC02810_zpssiswp7g0.jpg th_DSC02811_zpslxqlgkku.jpg

34) The English Shop of Princeton. One of the main rivals to Langrock--also long gone! This is a lovely classic Ivy stripe regimental--Union Made in the USA by the ACWA! (It carries a rare ACWA tie tag!) It's in excellent condition. 3 1/4". Just $14.


th_DSC02819_zpswwvtvnb8.jpg th_DSC02818_zps36x4unv6.jpg th_DSC02817_zpse4pnt4ih.jpg

35) Another Langrock regimental--this time, South Grammar School. Made in Italy, 3 1/4". This does have some minor rubbing on the right side of the blade on the edge, as shown, hence is in Good condition--perfectly wearable, especially at only $9!


th_DSC02821_zpspknc6pcf.jpg th_DSC02825_zpso0ggp3nv.jpg DSC02823_zpsjbp6zowe.jpg

36) Chipp! One of the iconic Ivy makers of ties from the Golden Age, Chipp are best known form their superlative tailoring and whimsical (and not politically correct!) ties. This is a classic regimental that you won't get in trouble for. 3 5/8". Very Good/Excellent condition. $14.


th_DSC02828_zpsi5aovjlx.jpg th_DSC02829_zpsi6cxd9it.jpg th_DSC02830_zps2fvq5dit.jpg

37) ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Vintage Gucci regimental. This is a truly beautiful tie in excellent condition! 3 1/8". $18.



th_DSC02834_zps1ng2imhz.jpg th_DSC02835_zpsuybtypeu.jpg th_DSC02833_zpsu1whmeak.jpg

38) GRAIL! Langrock of Princeton regimental; Royal Irish Fusiliers. Made in Italy. Excellent condition! 3 1/4". Asking just $22, or offer.


th_DSC02839_zpsjjlo02mq.jpg th_DSC02840_zpszjff2h0w.jpg th_DSC02838_zpsahyioi4n.jpg

39) GRAIL! Another Welch and Margetson tie for Langrock. Very Good/Excellent condition; likely late 1950s, early 1960s. 3 3/8". Just $14.


th_DSC02850_zpsbfy8qcnf.jpg th_DSC02852_zpseudgenvk.jpg th_DSC02851_zpsbwadmovx.jpg

40) Harry Ballot of Princeton. A rival to Langrock and The English Shop! A lovely tie. Poly/silk, although this appears to be pure silk. Very Good/Excellent condition. 3". Asking just $11.


th_DSC02855_zpsaeawonwf.jpg th_DSC02856_zpsmzpz2ba0.jpg

41) ANOTHER GRAIL! Welch & Margetson for Langrock or Princeton. Made in either Scotland or England--the labels conflict! A beautiful mid 1950s tie in excellent condition. 2 3/4". These are becoming increasingly hard to find! Just $22.



th_DSC02863_zpseokdfbjq.jpg th_DSC02862_zpscuqzjnu7.jpg th_DSC02865_zps9s1ou331.jpg

42) Another BEAUTIFUL Langrock Grail! Royal Army Service Corps. Absolutely excellent condition! 3 5/8". Asking just $22.


th_DSC02870_zpsxjqsmgsi.jpg th_DSC02868_zpssnpoebta.jpg th_DSC02867_zpsrtqjnvmg.jpg

43) Resilio regimental. Absolutely beautiful! 3". A lovely tie! Excellent condition. Just $15.


th_DSC02878_zpspm0ahmw8.jpg th_DSC02877_zpsj35hpf9e.jpg

Group 5: FREE TIES! Dunhill, Land's End, Rooster.

The following three ties are all FREE! They all have minor flaws, such as rubbing or minor stains, but they are all wearable, and are FREE--one free tie with any two regular price ties! smile.gif


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