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Is these shirts' fit acceptable?

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Hi guys,


I am new to this forum, actually never heard of it until today. Bumped into it after strenuous search about shirts fit.


I have never been a shirt guy, actually these are the first two shirts I have ever bought. I tried on quite a few different brands of shirts when looking for a casual shirt and these two ZARA shirts were the closest to something that looked acceptable in fitting room mirror. However, when I took few pictures at home i feel like they are too short, in addition I found out they do not pass the "shirt must not pull in back when u stretch your hands forward" test I found on other website. Also I wasn't able to find a perfect shoulder fit amongst the popular brands, so had to make a compromise there aswell.


I am not looking for a perfect fit, i already gave up on that with my height and body type after running through several stores, i just need something that  looks better than jeans and hoodie. Also something that doesn't stick out and make people say "wow, that guy's shirt is really small/tight!" :)


I went through pages with different advices how to find out whether the shirt size is right or not but it just seems impossible to find something that would meet all the criteria. What do you guys think, are these shirts acceptable or should I return them?)


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They look a bit too small/short.  You need more length in the body.  Try to find a brand that offers Long sizes.

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This is a subjective opinion, but it seems like the shirt is a size small for you.  The shoulder seams hit very high, and the chest pulls.


The both arms in fron of you test is ridiculous.  You are not going to be practicing martial arts in this shirt, AFAIK.

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I agree about the "forward arm test" as it is Not the way to test the fit of a shirt. When i find the guy that keeps telling people to do that i will deal with him most appropriately. BTW the shirt is too small for you. Go one size up or go custom if you want the painted on look.
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Thank you guys! :)

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