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Bush's suit jacket

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Bush's bulge stirs media rumours A square patch was visible on Bush's back during the debate A bulge in the back of President George W Bush's suit jacket during the first TV debate with John Kerry has triggered rumours that he was wired to get help.
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Dude... Occams Razor. The simplest answer is usually the correct one. It's obviously the remote control reciever that George Bush Sr. uses to control his robotic son. Duh.
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I've been to Georges de Paris's shop.  The simplest answer is that the jacket does not fit.
And if the jacket does not fit, you must acquit.
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Georges de Paris took one for the team and said it was a pucker in the jacket (according to the BBC link above) but really now, have any of you, considering all the suits that all the people on this site have tried on and bought and analyzed and coveted, ever heard of a solid rectangular permanent wrinkle forming itself in the middle of a jacket's back? I don't care how bad a tailor Georges de Paris is, it's not a pucker. That it's a transmitter of some kind is far-fetched, but it has to be something. Brad de Long speculated back brace and that seems like a good guess to me. In any case, the Republicans are once again asking you to ignore the evidence of your senses.
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Ummm, he is the President. It _could_ be a transmitter that had nothing to do with cheating during the debates. Who knows what kind of high-tech or security device it could be.
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Had President Bush won the first debate, I might understand how another "theory" could gain traction. But since the president lost the first debate and tied Kerry in the second, logic would suggest that he did better without the phantom device--if you see where I'm going with this one.... Regards, Jack
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This isn't too difficult. He's wearing a kevlar vest underneath his jacket. Duh. Not surprising the BBC is that stupid.
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I understand that President Bush is a very religious man. Perhaps when he had his bespoke suit made, he had a special pocket sewn into the back for his Bible? It seems that he should have put it into the front of the jacket, however, slightly underneath the inside breast pocket. That doesnt't sound too plausible, I guess. Perhaps it's just a wrinkle.
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"There was nothing under his suit jacket," Nicolle Devenish, the Bush campaign's communications director, told the New York Times newspaper.
That's what I always suspected.
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I hate Bush more than I hate dumb talk shows on TV .. but this is little too nut case .. thats a just roll created by his posture etc.. BTW, you cannot have PERFECT fitting suit. Its impossible. You can however have well fitted suit.
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I can only see the fuzzy outline of a guy on the grassy knoll...
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Although I am not technologically adept, it doesn't seem logical that, if there was in fact a signal, it wouldn't be transmitted directly to the ear and not to the back. By this time, I'd think that, if a device similar to the one allegedly used actually existed, we'd have already seen a diagram in the press.
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