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i am an engineer and we are not usually well-known for the way we dress but i think business casual can be easily done. places like club monaco and banana republic do that just well at affordable prices. I'd stay away from the white shirt look which is tacky to me. I don't know where oyu live but a dress shirt with a v-nexk sweater (grey/beige) or with a little zipper at the neck can replace the blazer. You don't want to be known as mr. fashion in your office but at the same time, you can still be dressed better than the majority of the people you work with, enough that they can say you look "spiffy"whatever that means. I usually stick to wool pants, in the fall, some corduroy and velvet pants,etc. I'd stay away from french cuffs, it's not business casual. 2 good pairs of shoes would be fine. I wear loafers usually, comfortable shoes but still casual enough. It may stem from my occupation but i can't get enough of checkered shirts....
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Polyester pants?.?. Seriously. Polyester has no thermal control. It's hot where it touches your skin, and does not breathe. Wool is far better in warm climates than polyester. You just have to buy it in the proper weight. Tom
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What's the point of unbuttoning the top two buttons of your dress shirt, especially if wearing another shirt underneath it? That seems just a little too casual to me.
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...not to mention, there will always be those (like me) who really do not want to see your underwear.  The open collar look is why they make v-neck undershirts.
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No one dresses with intention? Perfect. Try new styles and others will comment or try for themselves. One style that I am seeing around here is FC white shirt, open at the top, jeans and light colored sportjacket. The shoes vary from sneakers to loafers. Oh, and no tie, if you haven't figured that out yet. Be the style guy.
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I'm stuck in the same situation -- very casual environment. I've made due with wool trousers, open neck shirts (undershirts are grey or black), a "shell suit," (suit, shirt, no tie), cashmere polo sweaters and turtlenecks, sportcoasts and blazers. I wind up in a lot of dark colors. My favorite look is to wear a pair of olive trousers, black t-shirt or turtleneck and a tan suede shirtjacket. The shoes are either suede or brown leather depending on the weather. I'm the most dressed up guy here, but they've gotten used to me.
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I don't understand how cap toes are too dressy. I have asian feet, and they just aren't designed for loafers. I need to wear something with laces.
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Polyester pants?.?. Seriously.  Polyester has no thermal control.  It's hot where it touches your skin, and does not breathe.  Wool is far better in warm climates than polyester.  You just have to buy it in the proper weight. Tom
I believe drizz and Tom are right. Hey, Bedouins wear wool in the Sahara, due to its ability to insulate against both cold AND hot air. Wool wicks moisture away from the skin. When you're sweating, if the sweat isn't "removed," after a point it will cause you to overheat. Wool is absorbent, so the moisture vapor is removed and released. Lighter, "tropical" wools, made of finer yarns, breathe well and are dressy for summer temps. So don't be (sorry, can't resist) "sheepish" about a handsome pair of wool trousers.
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