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Hi everyone
I am not looking for the usual Kiton/rubinacci/caraceni/Campagna/Bardelli/etc, all in the top €€€€€€€€€€ league
I am after some of the less well know ones, where you can have a very good suit at around €1.200

I entered one of the main fabric retailer, and ask to point out few tailors. I went to the first one, and I understood they are more or less the same: the are old men, working in tiny apartments, and with a long list of clients. I got the first suit, I am pretty happy, but now after a month I notice I could have had a better result, but also this is due to my lack of knowledge, therefore problem in asking the right thing.

Do you have any to suggest?
Someone which really entices me is NHSartoria, but they are above €1,800.

Any idea is appreciated
thanks in advance