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Friday Challenge May 13, 2016: An Ode the Odd Waistcoat! - Page 2

Poll Results: One does not simply wear Waistcoat. Who shall win?

Poll expired: May 16, 2016 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 14% of voters (5)
  • 17% of voters (6)
  • 8% of voters (3)
    Garry Nelson
  • 22% of voters (8)
  • 34% of voters (12)
  • 37% of voters (13)
  • 22% of voters (8)
    An Acute Style
35 Total Votes  
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@Roycru: Which one do you apply for the challenge? All three of them are great :D

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@AlexRamius the answer is none of the above.  

Since this Challenge does not require that the picture be from this week, my official entry in the Challenge is this picture from 1962 (which includes a train to counterbalance all the rather unfortunate "train wreck" remarks).

In the "Forewarned Is Forearmed" department, anyone voting for me is warned that if I win the Challenge, one of the requirements will be that the picture be taken out on the street (probably standing by something related to electricity).

I previously stopped entering the Challenges when the winner admitted that they had only worn the winning outfit in their house, and then changed into something else to go out into the world.

(Yes, I am wearing Polaroid clip-on sunglasses over my glasses, a tab collar shirt, a stick pin, and chukka boots.)

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The "pictures taken out on the street" is a great idea.

But you need someone to take it for you, wich required social skills i do not master :p

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Originally Posted by upr_crust View Post

Having gotten official notice of this challenge only this morning, this is an improvised entry (and is heavily based on last week's Friday Challenge entry) but it does follow the rules as set forth - an opening salvo in this sartorial battle of fits, then.



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If old pictures are allowed (since the weather don't permitt me to wear an odd waistcoat this week), here's my entry :





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Originally Posted by bienluienapris View Post

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Soooo, i guess entries are closed and i should start a poll...


Anyone knows how i do that?

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Click on Edit Thread at the top and add a poll. Don't forget to make it multiple choice (if that's what you want) and put the right end date in as well.

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Poal is up!

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[x] ...and this, folks, is why one doesn't wear an odd waistcoat.
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Someone has been in a bad mood lately.
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On the contrary, I'm feeling kind of vindicated.
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Self congratulatory is the term I would have used.
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Well now you're just bein' mean.

Let me try again to make my point without tripping over my own snark, and keeping in mind that English is not my first language: I think this shows that there's a causative link between the core concept and specific requirements for a challenge and the quantity and quality of the resulting entry pool.

Also, lest we all start throwing stones, I mean...
Originally Posted by Anden View Post

This could be a trainwreck challenge.
Originally Posted by Caustic Man View Post

Considering I rarely see odd waistcoat fits that I like, I am going to second the above. 
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