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Austin internship

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Hello Styleforum. Thought this warranted a thread, given my need for fairly situation-specific advice.
I've recently accepted a summer internship opportunity with a non-profit conservative policy analysis institute in Austin. During my interview (conducted by phone), I asked what the foundation's dress code was, and I was told "long pants and a long sleeve shirt."
Now, I'm assuming this doesn't mean jeans and a Henley, so I'm planning for my daily work outfits to be built on various combinations of my three pairs of grey slacks, 3 pairs of creaseless chinos, and 2 pairs of creased khakis, as well as a fair number of solid white and light blue button-down shirts, casual ties (especially knit ties. I love knit ties), and casual dress shoes (primarily penny loafers and brogues), working in my navy blazer and tan linen blazer as necessary (with white cotton pocket squares, because duh). Of course, all will be kept clean, pressed, and shined at all times. I also wear my hair Don Draper style and keep clean-shaven, for what that's worth.
Given this overview, do those members of the forum acquainted with centers of government and policy, especially in Austin, have any words of wisdom regarding this wardrobe? Too formal? Too casual? Too prep for Austin culture? Any suggestions at all?
Thanks in advance for y'all's help and advice.
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That all sounds good, but even within a city, dresscodes are very office dependent.  The best thing to do is to call the receptionist and ask.  That person is usually never asked any advice, but sees everything, and will most likely be a good ally in the future, in any case.

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I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense that the receptionist would have just what I need to know. Thanks for the tip!
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